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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Lack of Updates... 1

As per my other journal, you all should know I've been busy with my own personal webpage, and work really has me tied down (EJB's given me headaches).
Anyway, I figured I'd invite everyone of you to I invite everyone that has a journal to feel free to publish info there (keep it kinda clean, please). I am trying to make it into somewhat of a community, and you're invited to join.

Please note, my site is *not* slashdot. I see your IPs, I know you emails (I won't sell them, of course), and admins do the moderating. I will delete any trolls, ban troll IPs, and contact abuse for trolls. I don't feel like messing with it, but its bound to eventually happen. Other than that, I'd be happy to have you all over there.

I will continue to run my journal like normal (when life for me goes back to normal), but most of the regular stuff that I don't include here will go their.

I'd kinda like to encourage the "rejected articles to journal entries" community to publish at my site, also. You won't be rejected by me :-)

Addendum: I do have a slashdot box on the site (with all the current articles), and a built-in RSS, so if I get a community, I'll get a slashbox for the site.
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Lack of Updates...

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