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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Don't Put a Space In My Name!! 200

OK OK OK....
Work was kicking my arse.
And I have a third project I'm doing at home.
And I was just told I have to train a class in java next friday (which will be my first class and need to review it).
But I didn't want to let you people down (that, and I really want to write JE's, but don't want to get harassed for not putting up photo contest stuff). I only am giving you guys a directory list of pics (which you can click and see) so you'll have an idea of what everyone looks like. No list of players, I'm STILL accepting pictures (so check back, cause the page can grow with more pictures).

Obviously, a number with a letter (like 01a.jpg 01b.jpg 01c.jpg) is the same person, different pics (you can submit up to 5 pics of yourself).
Now, I'm turning on comments. If you've met someone, or know, dead on, who someone is, don't give it away. It'll be a game, and you'll have an advantage. But feel free to guess people if you have no clue. Also, feel free to give me some ideas of 'comments' to give to people (compare people to celebrities, etc...). Start your own lists (best looking chick, etc...). And have fun.

Oh yeah, the link?

Yeah, I took the old contest down, and those with mirrors, please do the same, too keep things a little fair. No, I didn't use a single picture from the old contest.
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Don't Put a Space In My Name!!

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