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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Week 4 9

After my ABBISMAL 4-10 week, my grand total is 20-25. Better than the Bengals, I suppose. So I guess you may be better off choosing everything opposite of me, so here ya go:

Cardinals at Rams: The Cards showed up Brett Favre. Wow. The Rams won't be underestimating the Cards, and Bulger is getting nice and comfy as the new starter in St Louis. Rams by 3

Bengals at Browns: Kelly Holcomb is sitting the sideline. Normally I'd say its a win for the Browns, cause Tim Couch will be stepping in with the point of showing how much better he is to get the fans on his side. However, the Bengals D is really clicking, the special teams are explosive, and the O isn't giving up many turnovers. Marvin Lewis, enjoy your first 'W'. Upset of the week: Bengals by 3

Jags at Texans: Brunell hurt means rookie QB. Dom Capers is the founder of the zone blitz, folks. The young QB from Marshall will be on his back the entire game. Upset of the week2: Houston by 7

Pats at Skins: The skins O is still very potent (in the second half), but Belichick knows how to stop specific offenses quite well. The pats O isn't going to do great against the skin D, but the pat D is the reason I'm picking them over washington. Patriots by 2

Eagles at Bills: The entire eagles D is on the pine, hurt. Drew will want to show the world the Bills are the high scoring team they were two weeks ago. Bills by 52. That's right Fifty-two!!

49ers at Vikings: The niners really fell apart at the end of the Browns game. TO and Garcia are in better shape, but they are playing in Minnesota, and the Viking D is really gelling. Minnesota by 1

Titans at Steelers: Injured McNair or not, the Steelers want some serious revenge from the team that took them out. The flaming tacks are trash talking about how good they are at stopping the run. That's great, but how do they plan on stopping Tommy Gun, Hines, Plax, and Antwaan Randel "El yeah"? Steelers by 10

Chiefs at Ravens: The Ravens D has a chance to slow down the Priest, but the Chef's D will be able to slow down jamal. The game is decided between QBs. I think the Chiefs go 4-0. Kansas City by 3

Chargers at Raiders: I've lost all faith in the Chargers. LT2, and Brees should be lighting up defenses, but Martyball isn't the game they are playing. Oakland by 7

Falcons at Panthers: If it were Vick, this game would change. I'd be more willing to say that the Falcons will be squeaking by the Panther D. But the Panther D is just on fire and Vick is still in a cast. Carolina by 3

Cowboys at Jets: At halftime, be ready to see brooks bollinger. At halftime, be ready to watch the tuna salivate while calling every blitz package in the book. The sad thing? It isn't Testeverde. Its the offensive Q, Paul Hackette. Cowboys by 7

Lions at Broncos: With Portis? Without Portis? Looks like they will be without Portis, but the Lions are still in that "Rebuilding" stage. Denver by 2

Colts at Saints: The Saints = Underachievers. They used to be good. Didn't make a lot of changes, and now they are terrible? They need a spark, and aren't getting one. Colts by a very boring 3

Packers at Bears: Brett Favre is so pissed, he is going to take the recievers hands off with a bagillion bullet passes. Pack by 7
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Football: Week 4

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  • At halftime, be ready to see brooks bollinger

    I'd like to apologize to all NYJ fans up front. I can't wait until he pulls his little shuffle and finds out that the big boys play in the NFL.....assuming he still has his head.
  • I hate to say it, but you might actually be right. At least Eagles fans will be sorta distracted if it gets that bad. Sunday afternoon is the last baseball game ever at Veterans Stadium, at the same time as the Eagles game. But then again, the Phillies are effectively out of the playoff race with Florida's Magic Number at 2 with four games left for both teams.

    I think, for the Eagles to do a quick turnaround, the quote below might be necessary. One player making a big play could spark both the O and the
  • But my betting selections went 7-7 and lost money :o(

    • New England @ Washington: Belichick versus a young QB. Ramsey will still be having nightmares this time next week about the coverages he saw. Patriots by 3.
    • Kansas City @ Baltimore: Vegas has this pegged as KC by 3. Vegas is insane. Chiefs by 8.
    • Philly @ Buffalo: For the time being, I have to assume that the Eagles are a bad team. Bills by 17
    • Tennessee @ Pittsburgh: The Steelers are, as always, deceptively good. Titans by 2
    • Cincinnati @ Clevela
    • On San Fran @ Minny: My analysis indicates a Vikings win by 6

    • I'd just like to comment on the Rams' problems. On the season, Faulk has averaged 2.8 yards per carry. That's not much of a running game. Getting the ball to #28 is a good thing, but he's got to do better than that. Some of that's not his fault. The offensive line has been very shaky early in the season. It also hurts losing James Hodgins. Martz referred to Hodgins as the best blocking fullback in the league. Cutting him was a really stupid move. In spite of this, you have to wonder if injuries are taking t
  • Cardinals at Rams: The Cards are still hot and cold with little talent. Jeff Blake showed some promise last week and rookie WR Anquan Boldin is blazingly good. Faulk is out, Sehorn is out, but Bulger is beginning to gel. Can the Rams win without a running game? Cardinals win.

    Bengals at Browns: Browns running game is predictable, but Cincy hasn't the offensive power to overcome the Browns defense. Browns win.

    Jags at Texans: Brunell is banged up but not out. Houston is, well, young and dumb. Jags win.
  • I'd been busy with stuff and hadn't got the opportunity to do this until mid-morning on Sunday. Anyways, I went 11-3 straight up last week, including calling one of the big upsets of the week, that being the Browns over the 49ers. This week, I'm just going to make these picks quickly with a shorter explanation than last week's picks.

    Cardinals at Rams: I got burned on the Rams last week, but I've got to pick them. That's not going out on a limb saying the Rams will win. But I'm going to also say I expect L

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