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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Y'arr! Don't be fergittin! 15

Y'ar! You land lubbers best not be fergittin tadays date!
And some of ye be talkin terrible pirate!

To all offenders, ye be punished by twenty lashes of me cat-o-nice tails! And if ye be complainin, its off ta Davey Jones' locker with ye!

No go pillage the village, laddies! Yer captain be expectin grog and wenches on board by this'morrow!
Tell'm Iron John Roberts sent ye! Y'arr!

It has begun. Will that scallyway michael ruin me fun?
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Y'arr! Don't be fergittin!

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  • Fort, honey. Your accthent ith thooo thexy. The sheer thound of your voithe maketh my toeth curl with deliiiightful giddineth. I can NOT wait to dip you in chocolate and eat you up! You are just FAB-U-LOUS!


    ps. The was national "Talk Like a Butt-Pirate" day, right? :)
  • Yarr! At first me thought ye was runnin a rig, but now i'm preparin to hang 'im from the yardarm.

    No prey, no pay.

  • An' No Piratin' from other vessels- what ye plunders, ye keeps! Share with yer mateys but only yer mateys! FortKnox, Y'er the exception, bein' as ye brought the pirate speech t' a new livil...

    Today's th'day fer piratical speakin' t'be practiced by all th' population- a chance fer all o'you to sound barmy as a cab'n fevered deck swab- and fer th'rest of us t'finally sound a wee bit (sort of!) normal! So be ye an obligin' sort and git yerself some pirate language!

    An' fer anyone wonderin', Aye, i DO find it

    • Aye, a mighty fine tiara it be, young lassie. The Cap'n requires ye to come down to his room and keep'm compny until me hardies return with wimmin and grog!
      The rest of ye! Batton down the hatches and lift the mainstay! I be returnin later!
  • RRR!!! Ye be settin sail for these here ports mateys
  • And here be [] some traditional pirate [] activities.
  • Twern't you s'posed ter have der Soul-Stealin' box contest up? Avast! I had me eye on the booty from'in that. But, blast ye, ye fergots to mention it, and I dinnae ha'der bonny trinket with which ter find the blasted treasure...

    So, ye'd best be watching yer bow, as me mateys are rowing hard ter catch up wit yer, Arrrr.

    Signed, Captain Roger Kidd.
  • Yeah, this has been a tough season. But we can't use the personnel moves as an excuse. We just have to play 'em one game at a time, keep our perspective. As long as the bullpen holds up and we keep 'em close, we'll get our chances. Now's not the time to start Operation Shutdown.

    Oh, wait. Wrong pirates. My bad.

    Arrrr, matey... 'n'at.

  • Your style is unorthodox and though an impressive visual show, lacks any efficacy against my kung-fu. En garde, I'll let you try my wu-tang style.

    P.S.- ninja's beat pirates everyday.

Man is an animal that makes bargains: no other animal does this-- no dog exchanges bones with another. -- Adam Smith