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Journal FortKnox's Journal: And the Zealotry Continues! 9

Read this article. Its a pro-windows article (which is a troll on slashdot). Now look at all the 'insightful', and 'informative' posts. They talk about how 'misinformed' the journalists are (but look back when 'Security Focus' talks about windows holes... The journalists seem to be very informed, then).
Now look at the 'troll' and 'flamebait' posts. Yeah, all the pro-windows ones. Mind you, they aren't sticking it into the faces of linux users, just stating facts (like how windows is used more on the desktop, and thats why bugs always get publicity, and holes are found more frequently).

Bah, they were modded up at first, giving me a warm fuzzy that slashdot may start seeing the light of a balanced world, but, to my dismay, it appears that the zealots still exist, and in large numbers.

ZEALOTS:Tunnel vision goes both ways, people. You're just as bad as the people that you think are idiots... you know, the ones that don't even know what linux is... the ones you say are dumb cause they don't even open their eyes to other OS's. Maybe you should, too.... I mean without the attitude that you have about it...
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And the Zealotry Continues!

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  • Ok, so I'm probably stupid for posting this before the wininformant story comes back on-line so I can read it, but are you sure the article is from Security Focus? The data is, sure...but the artical saying windows is more secure? Do you really think they'd write something so sensational for either OS?

    I mean, this type of article is all spin. You can read whatever you want into the data that's out there...windows is more secure than linux, or vice-versa. I mean, it all depends on how you read the data. So does is really surprise you whenever anything like this twords either OS is posted that everyone goes and puts their own spin on the data?
  • yes. The Zealotry that is Slashdot. I'll probably get a pummeling on mod points for my posts. Funny, how, when presented with a dissenting opinion, they immediately say "The research was flawed", "They don't know math", "They work for MS"

    And yet, when there's some article that can only be a raving about linux, you see nothing of the sort.

    Pfft. That's all I have to say!
    • Most high schoolers need something to rebel against, even if they don't understand why they're rebelling.

      For some, its Marylin Manson.. "Oh, he's so deep, you just don't understand man! he's the savior, reborn!"

      For some, its Microsoft. "Man, windows is so unstable, why not run linux on that 32-way machine.. its a real operating system"
    • yes, I'm sure my post [slashdot.org] will get pummeled, too. But the idiot [slashdot.org] above me [slashdot.org] said they were /.'d because they ran Windows! (Not because of the obvious bandwidth sucking of a quarter million /. readers hitting their site all at once.) Ah, zealots, if they only knew they were just trolls that happen to agree with the editors.
  • I tried posting under a different nickname a while ago. I decided to call myself M$Marketing. It was fun using phrases like, "our OS", "innovative", etc. and I'm sure that you can imagine some of the responses. I was modded down pretty quick.

    I decided to stop trolling on that thread when I felt that someone was trying to engage in meaningful debate.

    Of course, we got typical responses like, "I can make a firewall out of my 486 with ipchains, blah, blah, blah.". They are right in that sense, and it is good that you can make a firewall out of a 486, but how big of deal is that?

    Can you make a good desktop machine out of a 486 and Linux? I doubt it. In that sense Linux is just another resource hog.

    You guys should give it try sometime. Don't post anything inflamitory, just a few good facts, and few misguided ones.
  • and the Linux zealots don't like it because they see it as a threat to their "baby". Well, in the real world, people use Windows. They are trained on it, probably from the first time they touch a computer. Whether or not this is a good thing is up to you. Yeah, people should be able to pick and chose, but are your average computer users going to want to download linux and go through a large ordeal to set it up? No. Because they don't know enough to do it. When linux is simple and easy to install (I mean criminally easy, dumbed-down for the masses) then it will gain popularity.

    On a side note...

    MS is putting a lot of effort into making things a lot more stable. My w2k box at home hasn't been rebooted in 4 months, and I had to reboot because my cable modem died and needed to be restarted. The majority of the pro-MS posts that are being modded down are actually fairly insightful, just some moderators are SO anti-MS they can't stand to see a post about it. That's ok though, as I metamoderate everyday.

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