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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Good Game! And other ramblings 3

Great game!
Of course, I'm talking about the SuperBowl! Who knew the pats would setup a defense the Rams weren't expecting... at all! Instead of blitz'ing the hell out of Warner (which St.Louis was expecting, cause of all the timing patterns they were using), they just mixed up a large set of DB's and ran Cover2. Messed their game up the entire first half...
It was a blast to watch.

In other news, I got a picture of my son's face last friday in our ultrasound. Kinda freaky, but the ultrasound machine is excellent (if you'd like to see, just ask).

On the Linux side of things, I'm gonna pear down my linux partition, install mySQL, and PHPNuke for my domain. Anyone have any trouble with the two? All the reports I've heard say its an easy install for both.

On the mod/game side of things, I'm almost positive on setting up a mod of UT. At first, I was afraid that my machine (which hasn't fully recovered from the virus) wasn't able to run FPS'. Kept hanging and locking up my box. But I've reinstalled bunches of software, and got it more down to normal. So, I'm going to go with the UT idea, open source, on sourceforge. I have an idea of what I want, but it will probably wait until tomorrow's (or later today) journal entry.

Addendum: Holy crap! I just looked at my fan list. I have 135 fans! Do you people really enjoy my journal that much? Wow... But to be humbled, Taco's fan list has 428. But I'm not doing that shabby :-P
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Good Game! And other ramblings

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  • B&W, or color? I thought the B&W were pretty cool. My son was nicknamed 'Skeletor' for a long time. Then we got one done in color. Holy shit! That is some wild stuff. You could actually see eyelids and other soft tissues.

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