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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Week 3 27

Wow, 7-9 last week, for a total of 16-15 (at least I'm above .500!!)... So I guess you should take these pics with a grain of salt?:

Jags at Colts Umm, who cares? The Colts showed some serious gull last week by taking out the Titans (the game was already in the bag when McNair was pulled). But the Jags have some talent and are getting a bit underestimated. Jacksonville by 1

Chiefs at Texans I'm tempted... VERY tempted to say that the Texans have a shot at winning this game. The Steelers showed how to get the passing game jammed up, and the Texans have a good d (and good D coach). But the Texan's O won't be able to match the Chiefs D IF the Chiefs D played like last week. Great googly moogly! Chefs by 3

Vikings at Lions The Lions had a good game, then got embarassed. I actually like their chances, this game. Detroit by 2

Saints at Titans Titans w/o McNair are not good. Even if he plays (which he probably will... he's a trooper), a finger injury is bad news. Saints by 3

Jets at Pats J-E-T-S are realizing that Curtis Martin needs extended life oil, so they MAY bring in LaMont Jordan (like I've been saying all year, which is why I'm sitting on him in fantasy leagues). Either way, the Pats D is finally clicking, and the O is producing. Pats by 7

Steelers at Bengals Ick... I hate this game. Even got tickets as an early b-day present. The Steelers are realizing that they need a running game to win games now that teams simply throw up creative dime packages. Bettis needs to start again, and they need to play the old 70s version of the Steeler game. Run, run, run, pass when they bring the safety into the box. And the Bengals are getting better and better (and have the best(?) pass D in the NFL, currently). I'm picking the Steelers, cause they are my team, but I wouldn't if I were you. Steelers by 3

Bucs at Falcons Oh boy are the Bucs pissed off. I feel sorry for the Falcons. A backup against the Bucs secondary and Dunn and Duckett who are proven ineffective against the Bucs front 7. But the Falcon D is definately playing a good game. A game of field position and special teams. Tampa Bay by 3

Packers at Cardinals Never doubt Favre. He could be setup in Arizona and all those recievers will produce. Maybe after the Cards get beaten silly, he can helpout Blake? Pack by 10

Giants at Redskins Can the Skins D hold off the Giants O? Cause if they can, the Skins O will be able to eventually break down the Giants D (I can't believe I'm saying this, but the modified NFL "Fun and Gun" is proven effective). Upset of the week! Skins by 3

Rams at Seahawks The Seahawks look solid, but I like Bulger and the Rams. He knocked some rust loose with the 49ers, and now he's out to prove he can beat a playoff contender team. Rams by 2

Ravens at Chargers LT vs Jamal Lewis. The Ravens have a slightly better D, and the Chargers have a slightly better O (Brees vs Bollinger). The Chargers may have trouble with Lewis, but not "browns" trouble. It all comes down to which team can establish the pass, better. Bolts by 7

Browns at 49ers Lewis and his smashmouth running beat the heck outta the browns LBs. Now the Barlow/Hearst west coast RB scheme will run circles around them. San Fran by 10

Bills at Dolphins I can't believe the 'phins are the pick to win! By 3 points, but still. The Bills D is at least equal with the 'Phins, if not better. The running game is about equal, perhaps miami has a bit up, but the passing game is ALL buffalo. Buffalo by 7

Raiders at Broncos They say Plummer will return to the game. Honestly, since this is the first game at home, perhaps they should just keep Beurline in. To keep the fans happy. Portis' injury looks like not-a-big deal, but Plummer has a shoulder injury, which will affect his not-so-great passing. The Raiders are just flat-out pissed. Oakland by 1
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Football: Week 3

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  • But IF Buffalo beats Miami this week... they are 3-0 in the division by week 3! That is INSANE! One more win would pretty much assure them of a playoff spot.

    Yeah... dunno how the Browns will respond. I think the Secondary is suspect and can be tricked in play coverages. I also don't think they can hold TO down. But if they can get some pressure on Garcia (who is injured)...

    I also think the Browns O knows its weaknesses now: penalties and the cover-2. As long as they can avoid the first and prep for
    • If Buffalo beats the Marine Mammals, they'll be 3-0 overall and 3-0 in the AFC but 2-0 in the East.

      I'm still hesitant to pick the Bills down the stretch. Bledsoe is one of the best cold-weather QBs (only Favre is better, IMO, but there's a big gulf between them), but he can be very erratic in the cold. If the Bills have a 2 game lead in the division by Thanksgiving, they can probably hold on. If not, I don't think they'll hold on (though given how weak the AFC North is, I only see one playoff team comi

  • I ended up with some tickets for the season ender against on the 28th, section 304 (I think) probably going to freeze to death without my UK football bourbon flask. Does the security in cinci search you heavily for alcohol?
    • Depends. All the bags are searched, so if you are in a heavy coat, its possible it will be searched... dunno.
      • My pateneted system for colder weather is to observe, if they do pat downs on the chest, I move the flask to the small of my back, if they don't pat the chest, the interior pockets on the coat should do the trick. Bonus points for getting an extra half pint underneath a wig. Warm, but jeans weather I have a pair of socks that become sacrificial, keeping it on my calf. The small of the back carry has yet to be stopped if it is inside a wife-beater. My proudest moment was getting an entire fith of Beam in
    • two places: crotch and the top of your ass under your belt. They never look there. I once smuggled a fifth of tequila and a fifth of maragarita mix (what was I thinking?) into a Univ. Texas game.

  • Okay, the rebut is the Rams/Seahawks. You have a good point about Bulger, but I think it's "payback's a bitch" time for the Rams, 'cause the 'hawks are confident and have been very, very strong so far. I won't say anything about Plummer, it's clear I'm the only one who's willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    But here's my idea. Instead of saying "Giants by one" or "Bucs by two" or "Patriots by three", put it in football terms! Like "Giants by a missed extra point" or "Bucs by a safety" or "Patriots

  • First off let me say, thank god my Bears have a week off. No embarrassing ass whooping this week. FK, I'm right there with you on last week: 7 - 9, for a two week total of 18 - 14.

    *Jags at Colts Harrison seems to have found his rhythm and Manning is getting the ball to him. Bad news for the jags. Colts win.

    Chiefs at Texans Chiefs are flat out awesome right now. Chiefs win.

    *Vikings at Lions Lions at home. Culpepper and Moss are sort of clicking. Lions D was embarrassed last week. Vikings win.

  • Raiders will end the season 9-7.
    And only if:
    The penalties get held to a minimum.
    Gannon remembers that this is a new season. He's still gun shy from the SB.
    Special Teams get their act together. Whats the use in having a punter that can go 60yds if the team can't cover the run back, sheesh.

    Best case scenario, Gannon dies of a concussion (i've been dreaming about this for 3 years) and Tui gets some game exp. It will be rough and there will be losses but it will be better in the long run.
    Davis retiring may be
  • What are the chances that the 'skins will drop 11 games, this season. I really wanna know.

    They are on a roll now, but nothing like a conference game to trip up a bandwagon, right when it's beginning to cruise.

    I'd love to see the Skins beat the Giants, but the Giants have been notoriously difficult for the Skins to beat, even in the good seasons of this past decade.
    • I think the Skins have a good shot at making the playoffs, or at least having a winning record.

      I think they will lose this week to the Giants, but they should beat Dallas, and maybe even Philly. The schedule is not too scary as they meet the tough teams in the middle of the season, and can roll through the later part of the season. Except they have Phily the last game. that could be fun. I think the Skins can go 11-5 this year and take the NFC East.
      • While, the loss to the Giants I will grant you, in hindsight, at least they made it a close game. The 'Skins have this tendency, this year, to get down early, and then rally back. I hate that. If the 'Skins can come back from an 18 point defecit to tie the game before overtime (and almost win, dammit...if they had won the toss, they would have) then why can't they put these points up in the first half?

        This, of course, is idle speculation. In the time it took me to write the above paragraph, I answered my
    • I don't think it'll happen. I see them going 8-8 or 9-7. They play a fairly tough schedule, and I don't see any games that they're really locks to win. I think they'll probably win the two Dallas games and they'll pick up a few more wins, too.

      You bet I'd like to see them go 5-11, though. Were it not for the cap, I get the feeling Daniel Snyder would be the George Steinbrenner of the NFL. I also have never liked Steve Spurrier. I didn't like him when he coached the Gators and I don't like him now.
  • I know I forgot to post last week, but I can assure you my picks were not so good. I was 10-6, and thus lost my $2 in the office pool. For a total of score thus far of 22-10. Not too shabby, although this week could be tough.
    The picks:

    JEts vs New England: I think New England has this one easy. Look for Vinne to get 300 yards though.

    KC at Houston: Easy pick, KC all the way. The score: 41 - 13. Carr gets some yards passing, like 180 or so, but can't find the in zone.

    Tampa at ATL: I'm gunna go with
    • You call the Giants over the skins an upset... but casually say that the falcons will beat the bucs? I wouldn't mind seeing Sapp get shut up after a 2-L streak... ;-)
      • Perhaps I was a bit casual in picking ATL. I'll expound on this a bit.

        ATL beating TB will the upset of the week. It will be a close game though. Doug Johnson, the interim QB at ATL will have a marquee day that highlights his leadership and maturity. This will be the showcase game for him. After this week, Johnson will be a wanted man. Wanted by Dallas, and perhaps New York.
    • Do you want to place any bets on Ricky Williams getting 140 yards and/or 2 TD's against that Bills OL?
  • I've neglected to post my picks the first two weeks, due to mostly being both lazy and a bit forgetful. Needless to say, I didn't do so well, anyway. I got burned by the Bucs and the Eagles. That being said, here goes with my picks for week 3.

    Jets at Patriots: Everyone knows the key to this game is which team can establish the running game. I say the Patriots have a better chance at this. Despite their dominance at Philly, I still have some questions about the Patriots this year. I don't think they were a
  • These are straight-up, no spreads are involved.

    • Pats by 12
    • Steelers by 3
    • Colts by 12
    • Vikings by 1
    • Tennessee by 7
    • Tampa Bay by 9
    • Chiefs by 13
    • 'Skins by 9
    • Packers/Cardinals: too close to call
    • Seahawks by 13
    • Chargers by 2
    • 9ers by 16
    • Bills by 11
    • Broncos by 15

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