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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Update: /. Photo Contest, Football, Sctuff 21

/. Photo Contest:
Sorry I've been superbusy, and hoped to get something together for this past weekend. Got about 30 pictures so far. Mostly new people and lurkers. Hardly anyone from last contest. Send them in, you get another week for me to get my crap together. I have an 'at home' project that I need to work on (it pays), and after that, the contest will be up. If anyone has too much time and wants to make the system I want to do for the contest (any language you want, not forcing ya to use java), email me (or comment here, and I'll go ahead and put out my ideas in a comment reply), and I'll give you what I want (high level designs and stuff. It'll require a DB backend). Don't worry, I'll do all the 'inputting' so you'll still be able to play the game.

Well, I went 7-9 or 8-8 (depending on tonights game) this week. But, I DID predict a St.Louis win, and was correct about the Bengals putting up a fight (they shoulda won that game). The Panthers did a great job showing off their D, and the Steelers had too many reciever and special teams mistakes. They can beat the Chiefs, the simply didn't. I'm not too disappointed. They usually start off slow, and actually already have a win under their belt. It was a tough game against a playoff contender. BTW - I always will pick the Steelers to win, but the only time I'll be 'iffy' is when they play the Bengals, which they do next week. They sometimes have the hardest time with the Bengals...
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Update: /. Photo Contest, Football, Sctuff

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  • I want to get a more recent photo for you - I'm leaving town for a few days, but I'll take one tonight and send it your way.
  • Can you use the photos from the last contest? I know that folks who were there for it might recognise them, but i'm willing to give them an edge in exchange for getting to see what they look like. Or make those 'no credit' questions, so that we can see them and guess but it won't matter that they've been there before... *dragon clawing at screen to try to find the pretty pictures....*
    • Maybe I'll put in the old pictures of those people that haven't sent in new ones. Like I don't want people to recognize me from my old picture, cause I purposely changed my look (some things changed voluntarily, some involuntarily (damn male pattern baldness)).

      Will that work? :-)
      • Does that mean you'll put in my old Ray Romano the wet-lipped vampire pic if I don't send a new one?

        If so, I'll try to find a new one. :)

      • male pattern baldness
        Is that why you are doing the "pushed forward" look, or did you stop doing that?
        • Is that why you are doing the "pushed forward" look, or did you stop doing that?

          Yup, before that it was the 'pushed back' look (and before that it was parted). If I do anything except 'pushed forward' you can see really far back through my thin hair.
  • Maybe post you can post a few ideas you had for the system, so that us programmers can decide if we have enough time to work on it :)

    Note to self: Buy digicam...
    • Programmers, here? Preposterous!
    • Lets just say I am putting way too much thought into it and made it into a larger than it should be system:

      Login page (to store votes), which means creating a login account.

      Each page has the picture (1-5 pictures of a person) with a selection (radio buttons) of the people that are involved. The color of the selection is green if you haven't chosen him/her yet, and red if you have (but you CAN choose someone twice).

      At the bottom of the picture page is comments other people made on the picture, followe
      • Hmmm... Sounds very nice, but with the login bit, have each user upload their own pictures, and store the info into the system, and then the person running the contest can play as well, and the admin page will allow you to setup a answer page. Also instead of a popup box, there can be a running total at the bottom of the page. Hmm... I should work on it some tonight, I don't promise anything, but we shall see :)
        • In the true spirit of Open Source (I can't believe I just said that. Damn I'm an asshole), someone should start the project on SourceForge. Even if there is only an early version that gets used for the contest, it sounds like a project that could be adapted to a bunch of other interesting things.

          Just a thought.
          • most likly my version will just be posted with my other projects, but if you want to, feel free to make a sourceforge page :)
      • It's not all *that* complicated. You could write such a thing as a LAMP application in fairly short order, but getting the whole thing done and written and integration tested in a week, especially when one has a real, full-time job?

        I dunno. Kinda crazy.

  • ...imploded this early this year. They normally wait until January to turn in a stinker.

    I stand by my prediction of a 7-9 season for the Steelers (5-1 division, 2-8 outside division). They'll still win the division and get blown out in the playoffs. A pitiful defense, bad special teams, and an offense built around the Kurt Warner, version 2.0 means a team that would struggle to win anywhere but the biggest joke of a division in the NFL.

    • Is it customary to troll in a journal, or are you just a bitter Browns/Eagles fan?

      • Patriots fan (though Eagles are my second team).

        There's a select list of teams that I'll never root for (and will root for their opponent, if said opponent is not on this list):

        • Cowboys (let me count the ways...)
        • Jets (they're from New York... 'nuff said)
        • Giants (see Jets, but less of a rival for the Patriots)
        • Raiders (always played the dirtiest football in the NFL... if I see Jack Tatum on the street, I'll kill him on the spot in retribution for the Darryl Stingely hit 25 years ago)
        • Dolphins (division

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