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Sideline Reporters Recap!

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  • I agree with him that Pam Oliver is the standout among the female sports reporters.
    • What about Linda Cohn?
      • Because Linda Cohn is an anchor not a reporter. That is the big trick ESPN has pulled: a person who sounds knowledgeable is no different than one who is. That is why Stewart Scott and Chris Berman are given free reign to adlib during Sunday NFL Countdown.

        It works better on something like Baseball Tonight. Karl Ravitch is just an announcer. He passes all the questions off to Harold, Bobby V or Gammons. He doesn't interject or editorialize... why? Because he knows he isn't the reason why people are w
  • Suzy Kolber: the gold standard; knowledgable (moreso than most of the guys in the booth), well-spoken (well, at least more coherent than John Madden), and (a bonus!) nice to look at.

    Lesley Visser: See Kolber, though age has not been exceptionally kind to her. Extra credit for working with the best sports section on earth [boston.com] in her earlier days.

    Bonnie Bernstein: slightly more annoying than Kolber (voice is far too nasal for my taste); points docked for being a Terp.

    Then there's the rest of the women; tho

    • I gotta agree that Kolber is the best. Nice to see that refereeing arguments between Ron Jaworski and Merrill Hoge on a weekly basis is paying dividends. :-) Oliver is a very close second, but, like Levi, I live in an AFC town, so that's based more on reputation than anything else. Bernstein's OK, but I think she's better at basketball than football.

      And I'll see your Jim Gray, and raise you one Beasley Reese. At least CBS was smart enough to banish him to the sidelines. During the AFC's final years on NBC

  • ...so why is she still so clueless? Even as a desk reporter, one ought to pick up something. I think that the way she was dressed last Monday was a pretty good clue to her actual role on the show: eye candy. Still, I can't avoid the feeling that someone is hanging her out to dry.
    • I mentioned it in the last article. There's a difference reading from a teleprompter than actually having to make up questions to ask players. You need no real experience or anything to read the teleprompter. You need a good deal of knowledge of the game to ask questions on the sidelines.
      • Okay, this is where your argument breaks down. How many motherfuckers are up in the booth feeding her ass questions? Why does *she* need to think up the questions? I'm not defending *her*, I'm saying what, you think she does it all by herself? If anything, I'd say the butt-fucking stupid-ass questions are *not* hers. That article I linked you to, she busted Rodman and made him cry. Not that that's any big deal, but I think to have that kind of confidence to cap on some mega b-ball star, you need to know wha
    • Of course her role is eye candy. There's one underlying reason she was brought there. It's the same reason Dennis Miller was brought into the booth. It's all about ratings and Monday Night Football just isn't doing all that well.

      Some of the games just aren't that great anymore. They've talked about allowing games to be switched to Monday night during the season. That could be interesting, but I don't think it'll really cure the ratings problems.

      Let's face it, there's all too many people who'd rather watch
      • Salary cap isn't the reason as much as free agency.

        But to remove the salary cap is to force football into what is now professional baseball. You have powerhouses like the yankees, and teams without cash like the pirates and reds. You'd have too many teams that simply wouldn't make money. Teams like the Bengals would be gone, cause they never play well. Free agency evens the teams and makes each year more exciting.
        • On the other side of the argument, though, is the view of teams that border on being powerhouses. I'm from STL, so I'm going to use the '99 Rams as an example.

          After they won the Superbowl, and then progressively over the next few years, they've lost important players to free agency or similar reasons. Names that come to mind are London Fletcher, Kevin Carter, Dre Bly, Az Hakim, Ernie Conwell, and Ricky Proehl. And that's just what comes to mind off the top of my head. And there's a chance they won't be abl
  • I sure hope she comes back soon. Very easy on the eyes if you ask me.....
  • Did you see the 'gown' (or whatever it was) that she was wearing during the Iggles game?
    It was a stadium opening, not a freaking Broadway opening.
    This will be the reason I stop watching football. This and the 18 game season.
  • From the article

    After all, the thinking was, men took to the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders like a mangy dog to a bologna sandwich.

    Well, I can say that this mangy dog would look, but never "take." I presently work with an ex-DCC, and she is HOT [trnonline.com] with a capital "H."

    The issue is that she lives down to the cheerleader mythos: very bubbly and vacuous. It's a shame, 'cause if she ditched the bubble-act and exercised the neurons, then she would become some sort of Super Cheerleader and would kill every man within

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