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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Sideline Reporters 19

OK, this IS football related, but I want some female perspective of what is going on, and you don't need to know about football to figure out my points and such.

The sideline reporter is someoen that gets quick interviews throughout the game, find out about injuries, and generally report stuff from the field. It was a job Lynn Swann had a couple years back, and he did a great job cause he was a former player (hall of famer WR for the Steelers). He was replaced a by Melissa Stark to get more of a female audience. I was a bit miffed (he's a former steeler!), but was alright with the change. Melissa Stark knew her football and did a good job.

Now, Mrs.Stark is on maternity leave, so they brought in Lisa Guerrero. I think that ABC overstepped its original planning, cause Lisa is a bit of a hottie (which attracts more men, not women)... HOWEVER she has NO CLUE about football. She was writing notes on paper and reading them (some of which details were wrong if you were paying attention to the game, you realized it real quick), and she can't interview for jack. She asked Patrick Ramsey (Washington QB) how he feels about his ex-teammate Laverneaous Coles (who moved from the Jets to the Skins this offseason. So he isn't a former teammate, but a new teammate). Ramsey kinda said "What?!??" which shoulda clued in Guerrero, but, nope, she just went ahead and said it again.

Now, I have no problem with a woman in the position. None at all. BUT YOU HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT FOOTBALL IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE A FOOTBALL REPORTER! They could pick up a college kid and get a better sideline reporter. In fact, I'd bet they could find some other 'good looking' chick that could do the job. My thoughts? Bring back Lynn Swann (he's still in abcsports, just doing college games), until Melissa Starks returns. Lisa just did a terrible job, and doesn't deserve the position!
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Sideline Reporters

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  • The best sideline reporter out there. Lesley Visser (formerly of the Boston Globe) was/is excellent as well.

    Bonnie Bernstein (I'll refuse to say "B-squared") is okay, but that whole being a Terp thing drops her down a notch or two. Getting Roy Williams to say "I could give a shit about Carolina," was priceless though.

  • I agree, bring back Swanny (no bias here. I wasn't raised in the Pittsburgh area my entire life nor did my mom go into labor with me durin a steeler superbowl and my dad didn't make her wait till the game was over before taking her to the hospital ... nope never happened ;) (Jan 18th, 1976 Pittsburgh** beats Dallas 21-17, Swann scores the game winning TD and is the MVP. I was born shortly after midnight on the 19th)

    Anyways, I work a night job at a sports bar in Pennsylvania and last year they had a Monda
  • but he will deign to sully up your journal anyway.

    IMO, Sideline reporters are less than worthless.

    The only time they are worth a damn is when they are giving status on an injury. The guys in the booth could do that though.

    I really don't care that so and so's wife is pregnant and he will be on a plane after the game.

    I don't care that this is the 50th time Bruce Smith sacked a different QB. They really are useless.

    Lisa G looks good. So, whatever. If I wanted to look at eye candy, well, skinimax can h
  • You don't think a "former soap opera vixen" can succeed as a sideline reporter? :-) I can just imagine how Al Michaels turned that around away from an open mic.

    At least Guerrero is intelligible (when the director doesn't hang her out to dry with a bad wireless mic). Everyone complained about Dennis Miller, but Eric Dickerson was worse. They didn't need two sideline people in the first place. But it didn't take long to figure out that Dickerson wasn't that much more insightful than Melissa Stark. He did do

    • I was reading them all to make sure I didn't make a redundant point, but you got the goods. Dickerson flat sucked, and couldn't talk, which you think someone would've clued into when they, um, talked to him.

      I was a Dennis Miller fan (still am) but they shouldn't have put him in the big box with the big boys. He should do weekend games. Maybe the Sunday night game on ESPN.

      And while I haven't seen Rush, I can't actually imagine that he'd have anything worthwhile to say. But I guess people felt that way ab

      • Honestly, all her other jobs in sports were desk jobs. Reading from a teleprompter. Hell, did she even do any of the sports watching herself? But, now, she has to go in and ask questions that she can't prepare for and has to have the knowledge of the game to ask them.

        I give her one last chance tonight. She messes up like last Thursday, and I'm writing her off as a failure.
        • Hell, did she even do any of the sports watching herself?

          Did you read the article? I mean, I'm not intimately familiar with her job history, but it seems she's done some actual reporting from the field. It's rare, in my experience, that someone goes from zero to desk anchor overnight, especially in sports, where you get called out for not knowing your shit pretty fast.

          I give her one last chance tonight. She messes up like last Thursday, and I'm writing her off as a failure.

          Must be nice to be perfect.

          • I'm not expecting perfection. As I mentioned, if she's as terrible as last thursday (and last thursday was really bad), then I'm gonna bitch and moan.

            Honestly, she's a pretty face. That's how she's got a desk job in sports. It was a field dominated by men and there was a need to put a female to get more of a female audience, and pretty enough for the men not to mind. I'm sure the whole 'knowing sports' requirement was well overlooked for her (trying to give you my thoughts as they come, sorry for the
            • Interestingly, though, most women I talk to do *not* want to hear from women on the sideline, in the booth, in the studio. My wife *hates* most women sports broadcasters. But (and I didn't see the game), bad is bad, whether it's mush-mouth (speaking of, did you see Suzy Kolber interview McNair's brother last night on the sideline? PLEASE make sure these people can talk before you interview them.) or shoddy reporting.

              Personally, I don't care how pretty, but if she knows her stuff, that's what matters. Lind

  • First, my pick for best female sideline announcer -- Pam Oliver.

    That out of the way, is anyone else getting tired of John Madden? I used to be a big fan, but there's just nothing to him any more. He's completely lost his energy, and you can watch a full game without him pointing out anything more insightful than that a DB was playing a little too soft or that an interference call was iffy. And you don't get the impression he's that well up on the way football is played this decade. And pairing him with Al M

  • Well, first the chick was a twit. The sideline reporting job is a joke. Always has been. Somebody else posted that Lesley Visser was 'good'. I found her annoying and full of useless information. ("I just spoke to Pat Riley and he said that in order to win, they'll have to score more points than the Magic. Back to you.")
    But the two 'weird' moments were when Madden was reminiscing about Washington and RFK and the atmosphere and referred to 'all those times we were here'.
    Nope, 'they' weren't there. At l
  • We are lucky to have Christi Malthouse [] on Channel Ten's AFL coverage. (That's the best pic I could find on short notice - she's much cuter than she appears in that...) She is a very knowledgable sports reporter, is extremely cute, and is the daughter of one of the best coaches in the AFL. She's even supposedly been included in the just released X-Box/PS2/PC game AFL Live 2004.
  • I have never been a fan of female sideline reporters. I cheered when Andy Rooney made his comment about them.

    However, I saw a female sports reporter, on horse back, interview Jose Santos (jockey of Funny Cide) immediately after the 2003 Preakness. She asked intelligent questions, kept the microphone close enough to his mouth to make the sound engineer happy, and she was an excellent rider. I was impressed! I don't know her name, but she was good.

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