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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Slashdor Photo Contest 2: This time it counts! [UPDATED] 28

No, it really doesn't count, but I couldn't think of a better name than that.

OK, everyone is free to enter (even if you already did before). None of the same pics from the last one.

OK, I'm not going to give a specific size or anything. Don't make it too big (or else, I'll simply chop it down). Too small, I can't fix. For example, Liora's pic was a bit too small. SW's was much better in size: Not too huge, not too small. Mine was a little too big. So just use some sense when sending pictures. If you don't have the tools to minimize, I do, so don't fret. Anywho, send entries to:

josh_at_marotti_dot_com and I'll start collecting them and put something interesting on my site this time.

Anyone wanna help mirror pictures? Feel free to contact me.

Update: Quick update. If neither your email address, nor picture give away who your slashdot persona is, please put it in the email. I gotta know who you are so as to get this thing goin!
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Slashdor Photo Contest 2: This time it counts! [UPDATED]

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