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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Photo Contest: take 2, and Ohio Meetings? 45

OK, its been suggested several times. New people have stopped by, and new people were too coward. So, do we have interest in a second photo contest? I have tomcat attached to my server, so I can actually make it somewhat interesting (putting in a voting poll and such). Of course, with newer pictures, old people can re-participate (I'll even take down the old contest page so people will forget what you look like) ;-). What do you say? Wanna join in?

Also, as people meet one another, I'd like to mention that if anyone is anywhere in the stretch of Toledo to Cinci to Columbus, OH, I'd be happy to meet anyone (and I'm sure glh would also jump on board). In case anyone is in town or whatever.
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Photo Contest: take 2, and Ohio Meetings?

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