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Lord of the Rings

Journal FortKnox's Journal: Boil'm, Mash'm, Stick'm in a stew! 11

I know you read the message with my JE and thought "Oh, a movie quote question!" Well, have fun, but I'm sure eveyrone knows where its from:

What is taters, precious?

I just rented Two Towers (holding out to buy the Special Edition, like I did with the first one), and thought I'd share. Those three lines (including the journal topic) are the most said lines around the house, lately.

Anywho, I know you guys have been unable to sleep anticipating the result of:
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault vs Battlefield 1942 vs Enemy Territory

And the winner is.....

BF1942! I played all the games, and all were good, but I kept finding myself wanting to play the demo for bf1942, constantly. MoH got old (only one level, single player. Only so many ways to play it). ET had a hard learning curve (and if I hear "I NEED A MEDIC!" one more time... I swear...). I didn't uninstall ET, and will probably play it from time to time, but I went ahead and purchased a copy of BF1942 (currently, I'm waiting for the patch to finish d/ling). So if anyone wants to play, I'll go by the alias "FortKnox." If there is enough interest, maybe we can all get together (I know Xer and Wheany and GMHowell all have the game).
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Boil'm, Mash'm, Stick'm in a stew!

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  • I'm still an ET'er and I've been having tons of fun with that lately. I often hang out on ET Unlimited and the Reapers Revenge 10 server. My name is the uber creative "Heliocentric" but I sometimes slip on as Audie Murphy.
  • Why buy it twice? You know they're going to release a boxed "Extra Special" edition of all three in '04! :)
    • Don't forget the Extra Special Extended Edition Director's Cut in 4Q of '04. And then the Digitally Remastered in THX and Dolby Surround Sound Extra Special Extended Edition Director's Cut Plus Deleted Scenes and All New Interviews special edition set in '05.
      • When they finally have enough material to make it a 24-hour viewing experience, then It Will Be Time To Buy.
        • So you'll actually be looking for the set includes the "Making of the 'Digitally Remastered in THX and Dolby Surround Sound Extra Special Extended Edition Director's Cut Plus Deleted Scenes and All New Interviews special edition set'" and the "Mister Rodger's post-humus tour of a DVD pressing plant". I do believe that will be the "Digitally Remastered in Skywalker Sound and Dolby Surround Sound Mithril Edition Director's Cut Plus Deleted Scenes and Nauseating Amounts of Interviews with the Computer Generate
          • 2007?! DRAT!

            Well, hopefully they will have the deleted scenes where the Ewok ship crash lands in the middle of Mordor and Jar Jar is bitten by Gollum and gets rotting crotch disease...

  • by ryanr ( 30917 ) *
    Just came upstairs from watching (most of) it. :) My son had to give up and go to bed... how longs is the special edition, anyway? We gave up for the evening just before the battle of Helms Deep.
  • by Patik ( 584959 ) *
    Try it with more than one level. Borrow a friend's or even download a crack, then buy it if you like it. Having only one level will ruin pretty much any game; MOH is definitely a tight game, and the non-demo levels are a blast online.
  • Are you really 25?
  • Well, next to hamburgers, that is. As a teen i watched him sit down and eat about fourteen large baked potatoes at a sitting. THe kid was rail-thin, so we encouraged it, what else were we to do? When he was younger i used to take care of him after school, of course, and used to cook fried potatoes for him. Sage and cinnamon went over well, as did celery salt and marjoram. As a result, they're one of the few foods that i can cook as an adult...

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