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Journal FortKnox's Journal: BF1942 vs MoH, take 2 14

Well, I have d/l'ed the new BF1942 demo (secrets of WWII), and I absolutely love playing it (on smaller games, like 24 players max). If I tone down the graphics, its actually quite playable. Now, if I could only figure out how to fly a damn plane and pickup and use stuff (like the rocket pack)...

The only problem? Loadup times.

If I was to, say, go out and buy myself a copy of BF1942, who all would play in a game??
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BF1942 vs MoH, take 2

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  • by rkz ( 667993 )
    Why don't you download Enemy territory, which is free for everyone and we can have a good old slashdot game trying to shoot the shit out of eachother.
  • So it would be very likely that I would play the expansion.

    Although I like Wolfenstein ET more, since it rewards you for role playing. In BF you gain nothing (exept maybe gratitude) for bring a medic or an engineer and healing/fixing other players...
  • I'm on BF1942 almost three nites a week. I love that game. I like the big 60 player battles. I can't fly either (no joystick) and really prefer being a soilder or sniper. I play the Nvida public server when I'm not on a private game. My alter-ego is General Apathy.
    • I like playing anti-tank and get into a tank. Gives me a double-shot when attacking other tanks (fire with cannon, leave, shoot with bazooka, return, fire cannon, etc...).

      I usually go by "FortKnox", but may try "Col. Mustard" for BF1942
  • Since I just put the finishing touches on my googlegear shopping cart . . . I might join in. This little "school" thing might tend to get in the way, however.

    The problem I find is that my shopping cart at Googlegear will put my far above the normal gamer's hardware, and I must use it! When you get a 120GB RAID 0 with dual MPs and an ATI 9800 Pro . . . you can't just use it for compiling Java! There must be some gaming involved somewhere . . . .

    To make matters worse, I have been thinking about the BF194
  • The planes are impossible without a joystick, but incredibly powerful in the right hands (especially when spawn points are carriers - you can get 10+ kills per run sometimes)... my favorite is the dive bomber, just fly up real high and aim directly at the target. Great for taking out machine guns, vehicles, people, just about anything.

    People underestimate the plane's guns, too - they can make a concentrated group of enemies into hamburger. Also good for use on single people who aren't worth bombs.

    If yo
  • no text. lameness filter.
  • Months ago but then A) I graduated and there is no networked machine at my parents' house with BF on it and B) I guess I have better things to do with my time here. Don't get me wrong, I love it. I hot key my rifle, pistol, and grenades and can run roughshod over shitty players. But right now? Ehh. Maybe that was my last FPS (not true, got the slightly above average NOLF2)? I'm moving to my apartment on Sept 4th and will have connectivity on the 6th. Hit me back then.
  • I have a decent machine. Don't really want to shell out money for a game right now, but if you are going to be playing a demo version or the free game rkz mentioned, I'll try to make a game. I'm downloading both right now. Total speed is 210KBytes/sec... that's 1.6 Mbits/sec.. the lights on my DSL modem are dimmed... cool. :-)
  • by Jellybob ( 597204 )
    BF1942 doesn't have Linux support, so I couldn't join in the fun with that, but I'd certainly like to jump in an ET game sometime.

    That game re-kindled my love of gaming.


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