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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Wings & Garlic 18

And to combine the two... GARLIC WINGS!

I pity those of you that have not experienced the greatness of buffalo wings. Around here, we have "Wings and Rings" and other places. Hot, X-Wet Garlic wings just really hit the spot with me.

That leads me to my next point: Garlic. It truely is a wonderful thing. Roasted garlic, alioilis, etc...

This set of incoherent thoughts are brought to you by the 'brain wiped out society of working friday night'
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Wings & Garlic

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  • As a gag gift last year, for his birthday, we gave a friend of ours a garlic braid. It wasy ~3' long, and he was thrilled to receive it. Over the next 4-6 months, they used every single clove on every single head of garlic.

    Garlic is, indeed, a good thing.

    • How was it a gag gift?

      My wife, 50% Italian, despises garlic. My gravy is much better than any I've ever had prepared by anyone in her family. What's the point in being a WOP if you can't cook?

      Oh, I get it. The cooking skills came from the Irish side of the family.
      • Oh, sorry. He's Itali-stralian. Er. Italian-Australian. And he puts tons (or is that tonnes?) of garlic in things. Like 4 cloves in the mashed potatoes. That's the 'light' version for company. He and his wife went on a roasted garlic binge for a while where they were eating a few HEADS a night. It wasn't pleasant to work with him in enclosed spaces, let me tell you.

        We love them to pieces, but sometimes the garlic is just a bit too much to handle. Although I will say, it makes things yummy in small portions

  • You know all about the greatness of Quaker Steak and Lube [] right? Probably the best all around wings place I've ever been to. The one in Sharron, PA is classic.
  • The Gilroy Garlic Festival [].

    I too am a great fan of the stuff. But I can't imagine Garlic Ice Cream.
  • I have several bunches (for lack of better word) of fresh garlic cloves ready at an instant's notice for impromptu garlic chicken, or what have you.

    And, count 'em, two garlic presses; The first, a foolish purchase from wal-mart that lacked the self cleaning teeth, and the second from Mervyn's of the self cleaning variety.

    Next on the list is something fancy for cooking pancakes or eggs so I can cook them evenly on both sides with out the bother to learn how to flip food in a pan. (this is, of course, a jok
    • Next on the list is something fancy for cooking pancakes or eggs so I can cook them evenly on both sides with out the bother to learn how to flip food in a pan. (this is, of course, a joke).

      Looks like someone missed that memo, and invented this [] clever pan: a double-sided frying pan (two pans, with a hinge: to "flip", just turn the whole thing upside down). Cunning, and for $12 it might even be worth trying. Or it would be if I liked pancakes! ;-)

  • *hiss* i retreat to my dark lair, enraged-

    But you cannot be prepared all the time, Van Helsing. Sooner or later, your guard will fall... And when it does... I will be there!!!

  • When we'd get pizza ordered at work they'd have a buffalo wing pizza that was absoultely superb and totally addictive. Unfortunately, they eventually changed the formulation and it wasn't nearly as good any more. And then we started ordering from a cheaper pizzeria, with thick yeasty crust I don't like at all. New York style, for me! And bring back the buffalo pizza!
    • That sounds *really* good. I had a buffalo-chicken sandwich at a restaurant in Red Lodge, Montana, complete with blue cheese dressing...MAN that was good.

      And as for pizza, I really liked the BBQ beef pizza that Pizza Hut had a while back. Maybe they still have it. Everyone wants to do BBQ chicken on pizzas now, but here's a tip, folks - YOU CAN OVERCOOK WHITE MEAT CHICKEN!! If you overcook beef, you get jerkey, but well marinated, this won't happen. Chicken jerkey tastes like dried-out nasty chicken. Blea

  • I love buffalo wings. Weird. I've never seen a buffalo with wings, and they do taste surprisingly like chicken. :)

    Wings are a big tradition here in Detroit. Both the buffalo variety and the Red [] variety. Less than a month til the first home game! ;)

  • Harry's Hot Wings And Things in the Harrisburg, PA area has the best wings ever.

  • I wonder if that's related to the chain we have here called Wings 'n Things []. They have the spiciest wings around--with a reasonable kick, which is amazing, considering there aren't (m)any spicy-food restaurants in Houston (sorry, boys, salt and pepper are not hot spices).

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