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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Frustration + Anger... 16

Ugh. What a day and a half. For those that don't know (which is 99.999% of you), I'm a giant football fan. Not only that, I'm a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Since most of you don't watch football, they lost the AFC championship game (one one right before the SuperBowl) because of 2 stupid little mistakes on special teams. Bah! Not only was I angry, my pregnant wife almost had a coronary shouting at the television.

Then, I went on to make some pineapple chicken (a deepfried chinese dish) on my brand new wok (a nice one my father sent me). Since it was new, I didn't realize how it heated or anything, so while deepfrying, it produced a little smoke (not heavy smoke or anything). It set off the firealarm. No big deal, right?
Well... I live in an apartment complex attached to 7 other apartments. And all the firealarms are networked, and I dont' have the ability to turn them off... So, some of my neighbors were pretty pissed at me for the next 30 minutes (I even brought out fans to pull the smoke from the detectors, and opened all the windows).

I come into work today (I'm not even going to mention the traffic), and do the regular monday routine. Log in, check /., check my news, check my comics.
I read Sluggy Freelance (if you haven't read it before, start at the beginning and work your way through. It is VERY funny, and well worth the time to catch up), then Penny Arcade (great for gamers), then Player vs. Player (another good gamer comic, but you don't have to be a gamer to relate to it). PVP hasn't been updated in like 4 days. And they have a really good series going on, and I'm wanting to read more about it, but no updates from a comic that updates daily? Anyone know whats going on there?

Oh, a bit of humor on Saturday...
My wife ran out and got me Shenmue (she bought it so she could buy babyclothes without me getting upset with her), and I started playing it. There's a part where you need to get info on a harbor, so you go asking people about sailors. You talk to friends, and don't want them to know you are avenging your father's death, so you have to be secretive about it. The conversation goes something like this:
"You know where I can find sailors?"
"Um, they are usually at bars at night. Why do you ask?"
"No reason..."
I couldn't stop laughing after hearing that. I don't want to offend anyone, so if you don't get it, don't worry about it...

Ok... enough ranting... work to do...
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Frustration + Anger...

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  • I'm an Eagles fan... plus a roommate that's a Steeler's fan. Yesterday was just not a good day for PA pro sports (except for the 76ers, but they dont count because they're doing so lousy this year).

    Saturday, OTOH, was a very good day. My university's (Drexel) basketball team beat George Mason 100-69, giving everyone there free cheesesteaks from a local restaurant. Naturally they went skimpy on the amount of meat and didnt melt the cheese because of the sudden need to feed 2000 people, but that was ok, i never pass up a free meal.
    • An eagles-steelers game is what I was rooting for, too. Its just too bad that they both had just unlucky games.

      My university is Cincinnati. They've actually done spectacular (longest winning streak and ranked #4) without having real "big power players" this year. And to think I was at UC for all the Kenyan Martin's years, and he broke his leg senior year before March Madness.....
      • Cincinnati will (probably) never play Drexel, except for maybe in March Madness. Drexel is a mid-major Div I in the Colonial Athletic Assoc. Currently we're 2nd in the conference behind UNC-Wilmington. Our only shot at the dance is to win the CAA. Considering our pre-season ranking was ninth and UNCW's was to win, I dont think that'll happen, but ya never know. I'm currently a 4th year student in a 5 yr CS program, and will probably stick around for grad school after that. Hopefully they'll be dancing at some point :)
  • Very frustrating game, almost to the point of unwatchable. My girl is a huge Steelers fans, since she ails from Pittsburgh.

    Oh well. We still have the Penguins! ;+)
    • My girl is a huge Steelers fans, since she ails from Pittsburgh.

      Really? Where from?
      I'm originally from Monaca (a really small town near Beaver). Its on the northwest side of Pittsburgh, near the airport.
    • All the Pens have this year is Mario. Try the other end of PA -- the Flyers are serious cup contenders, and are leading the Eastern Conf. Of course, they've been conteders for about 7-8 years now, but no cup.
      • I'll never root for the Flyers. My cousins from that area were very obnoxious about it for years, when their team was good and the Rangers weren't worth a lick.
        • i take it you're a rangers fan. i can see them being a little obnoxious just for that.

          the rangers are good this year, new coach and new star player.

          i personally am waitng to see how long it takes for lindros's parents to accuse ranger's gm sather with trying to kill eric, like when lindros punchured a lung a few years ago. some friends are waiting to see how long until lindros gets involved with a teammate's wife (as in the rod brind'amour incident right before roddy was traded)
  • That INT by Aeneas Williams that ended it for the Ealges, is it just me or did he push Freddie Mitchell in the back two steps before he intercepted it?
    • i dont remember. would be very interesting if he did though....

      fwiw, i'm not too upset the eagles didnt make it, I really didnt expect them to make it into the NFC title game this year. But if they keep pace with the past few seasons -- they won one playoff game 2000-01, two in 01-02, .... maybe they're on track for the big game in 02-03?
      • Yeah, I'm a big eagles fan and I must admit I didn't know if they would make it this far - I was kind of going for a linear progression thing. Which if this theory holds they should fair quite well next season. Eagles are in a pretty good spot with young talent that seems to show marked improvement over the past few seasons and this improvment I don't think has ceased - plus they have most of their players signed for many more seasons to come and I don't think they are at all pushing the limits of the salary cap so as it is. Each season I see McNabb getting better, and his delay in game until he settles in seems to be decreasing. So I think there remains great potential for next season and this one sure was fun to watch.
        • The one thing I have noticed about McNabb is his similarities to Kordell Stewart.
          His mobility is a huge asset. The way the Eagles lost, IMHO, is that the Rams left him in the pocket. He's a better scramble QB than pocket passer. When he's flushed, he seems to make excellent decisions. When he's in the pocket, he takes too much time.

          Hopefully, he won't have the down seasons Kordell had (which I think he won't. He's much better than Kordell, right before Kordell had his bad seasons)...
  • after seeing what i beleive to be the first thread of discussion on various sports on slashdot, i'm wondering, is there sports site based on slash?
    • I doubt it. Nothing like slash or scoop, at least.

      Might I suggest (if you're thinking about making one) to avoid slashcode like the plague. Working with various blog engines (especially on smaller, less powerful machines), I've found that slash CRAWLS on smaller machines (ask the people of Geekizoid). Scoop works about 10 times faster. I've also played around with PHPNuke (www.phpnuke.org), which is a nice little engine that's cake to install...
      • there's no way I'm starting a site - i lack the resources and the time. but if i ever do start a discussion site, i'll keep all that in mind ;)

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