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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: The 2003 Steelers, West Coast Afficianados?!?! 3

What.... the....@&*(#!@&*(?????

Bettis replaced by the speedster-scat-back Zeroue?
The best run blocking TE benched for the pass catching Riesmera?

When was the last time the Steelers were a pass happy team? Terry Bradshaw era? No, run-happy with Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier. The answer is... NEVER!
The Steelers have always been a run-first, heavy heavy defense, hit you in the face, smashmouth team. I do not even know how to react to a team that is fast paced, pass oriented, speed offense. Hell, before last year, I didn't remember a Steeler team that could come from a large defecit to win!

I'm a little disappointed with Jerome becoming a backup. I kinda wish that they'd solve the right tackle issue by simply switching Bruener to T. And it'll be interesting to see how Deshea Townsend will do at CB and throwing Washington in the dime package (yeah, Scott isn't going anywhere... washington is the one that'll get the boot).

Last question is defense. This is a defense that is really agressive and can rest due to the running game. Last year, that really caused a lot of trouble. Have they addressed this issue in practice, now that the offense is changed?

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Football: The 2003 Steelers, West Coast Afficianados?!?!

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  • The Steelers will do what they've done for the past decade or so (except for a couple of years when Jacksonville, then Tennessee, then Baltimore were good): coast through an easy division to a 9-7 or 10-6 record, make the playoffs, maybe win a game, and then skunk it. Once again, I'll be able to know that January break is nearing its end by the annual choke-job.

    Still, at least it's nice to see Cowher realizing that maybe, just maybe, the reason they collapse every January is because their gameplan needs

  • Take into consideration two things:

    1) the Steelers are in a soft division and can afford to make adjustments to the offense early in the season. Meaning that Zeroue may not be starting the entire season.

    2) Zeroue had a pretty damn good year after Bettis went down and let's face it Jerome is getting old and is more sucipitable to injury.

    As far as the OLine, I think it's best to wait and see what happens in the first couple of games. If the Line breaks down at all, expect major changes. The Steelers KNO
  • Cowher is just screwing with fantasy-heads' depth charts. I think Zereoue and Bettis will end up with about the same number of touches by season's end. Either that, or they're going with the system Minnesota used to use: Robert Smith, 102 yds, 0 TDs; Leroy Hoard, 7 yds, 3 TDs. (I remember this because I had Hoard that year. :-) )

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