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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The Slashchick Myth's Dispensed... 23

This weekend, I met Slashchick at a local mall.
To dispense some AC rumors from the start, I can assure you that she is female (very cute), and knows her technology. Yes, a cute female that knows her geek speak.

I dunno what else much to add. We walked a lap around one of the 'bigger' malls in Cincinnati. She met my wife and Joey (and held Joey). We talked about a little of everything and parted our ways. So I guess that kinda sums it up.
No I didn't take pictures.
I'll try to answer any questions about her that you have (if you have any).
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The Slashchick Myth's Dispensed...

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  • But why does it matter that she is in fact a cute female who knows her tech?

    Was anyone really wondering about that?
    • She gets a lot of ac's about how she isn't female, or if she is, she's ghastly to look at etc etc etc... just dispensing those myths.
      • You mean the one who taks about her breasts.
        • Hey! My AC's have actually been incredibly nice (for the most part), especially of late. I wish I could figure out who they were as they have no reason to hide from me.
      • Considering that we've seen several [] pictures [] of her [] (the links in the journal entry are dead, but I remember seeing the pictures... ); ), and that she's all over the net (google ""), it seem to be too much work to keep up the facade...for what? To impress some slash dorks? I doubt it.

        Anyway, I thought Erica was in Cali. What's she doing up in FortKnoxland?

  • How did your wife feel about all of that?
    • about what? We're married, which is built on trust, so me meeting a girl isn't gonna really cause a stir (especially if she is there). If you mean the whole technospeak thing, she just doesn't bother. My wife isn't into computers, so she spent her time shopping for joey and doing some exchanges.
      • same with my marriage. I even took my wife to a restaurant a girl I know online worked at and she waited on us, and we all got along great. We went a few times afterwards, too. It's amazing how many people live marriages full of FUD...and sad.
  • <anger mode="on"> I really couldn't care less about girls living in Ohio, let alone Cinny. </anger mode="off">
  • I'd be more impressed if it turned out she was a dude. Hard to keep up a scheme like that. Maybe s/he could then talk in the third person. Yeah, sielwolf likes that. Sielwolf likes that a lot...
  • is when you work (exclusively) for SlashChick's company and yet have never met her IRL. That will change soon, though. Relocation is in the job description ;).

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