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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Congrats to CmderTaco (notice the 'e' in there) 19

I've always browsed at -1. I love the funny trolls (especially the turd report). But today I've finally moved up to browsing at default level 1. Its the page lengthening that eventually got to me.
My beef is that I like to slowly scroll through the posts, and page lengthening killed the scroll speed, and my wheel mouse acts all funky with large pages.
I tried to make CmderTaco a foe, and mark all foes down -6 in hoping that it'd make him -2, and I could still browse at -1, but no dice. And since he loves to post page lengthening as AC, I had to move my browsing habits to 1. Thanks CmderTaco. You're crapflooding paid off, I guess...
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Congrats to CmderTaco (notice the 'e' in there)

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  • Wow. I guess if something is labled a troll, they don't want you to see it. I tried a little experiment, setting my threshold to 0, bumping up all of the reason modifiers to 6, foe to -6, and put CmderTaco as a foe, then looked at the Ask Slashdot: Document Retention story. No matter what I did, 6 comments were always thrown at -1. 3 were by CmderTaco (yea), but 3 were from others. And no matter what I could do, they stayed stuck down there. About the only thing that comes to mind would be to make each and every one of those people that are still -1 friends.

  • If the Slash crew could implement a "Long comment penalty", then we could knock down the 185,000 char+ page lengthening posts to -2. That would solve the problem. I'm no coder, but CmderTaco has the VB source code on how to create the page lengthening post in his journal, so maybe someone could figure out a way to somehow filter the crap it contains. Dunno, just an idea.
  • I know this is a bit offtopic, but did you lose metamod priveleges, FortKnox? I'm asking because you also replied to The Post [].

    According to sllort [], once you lose metamod privileges, you are banned from moderating and metamodding forever. At any rate, he's started a journal discussion about it.

    • If you uncheck "willing to moderate" you can't meta-mod. I rechecked it, and, aparently I can still metamod... so I guess its not everyone that replied to "the post".
  • who did it for me. The page lengthening posts I didn't really care about; I just stopped reading once I got there. But the page-WIDENING posts messed up every other comment's formatting and made the page impossible to read.

    These guys are only cutting their own throats. Now the few worthwhile -1 posts (and the couple of funny ones) have lost my readership as well, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Ah well, their loss...
  • Page lengthening?
    • Try reading at -1. Not only will you have a much more satisfying time than reading the high posts
      ...and Micro$hit are killing people because Passort contains personal information - if we could run .NET using apt-get then it would be fine as long as we could GPL it and maybe if my hero Linus would tell us how, but it may violate the DMCA
      But you will also discover what is meant by page lengthening and page widening posts.

      The only problem is that your first experience with a page widening post may well make you change your threshold back.

      Don't get me wrong, I think that this is possibly the finest incarnation of the crap-flooder's art, and it is impressive to get around Taco's lameness-filters (surely the equivalent of visiting #l33tH4x0rs and typing 'hey guys, my computer [IP address] is hack proof, so there!')

      I'm just afraid that it may turn less committed people away from -1 browsing.

      On another note, is my sig convincing enough? I need to get lots of people to hate this man - read any 5 of his posts and you'll see why.

"Look! There! Evil!.. pure and simple, total evil from the Eighth Dimension!" -- Buckaroo Banzai