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Football: First round finished, what do you think?

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  • Would anybody kindly mind telling me the status of the 3 most important things in America right now? (i.e. Football, Baseball and Politics)? Thanks.
    • Well, football is going into its first official preseason week (although there was the american bowl and hall-of-fame game last weekend). So there isn't much exciting news, yet.

      Baseball, I dun really know/care about.

      Politics? Arnold is running for Governor of Cali, but you prolly already know that.
    • I agree with FK about football, this will be a REALLY exciting year. Parcells coaching the Cowboys who were awful last year, the Broncos could have a really strong season, the Bucs could easily repeat as world champs.

      Baseball, well, my world-champion Angels are in the midst of their midsummer swoon, and are looking like they're making a charge for last place in the AL west. Thusly, I'm looking for a team to root for. I'm thinking Red Sox. :)

      Politics...ehh. Cali sucks, I don't even wanna think about that

  • It is a keeper league, but the elites still need to be selected. I had the last pick (14th) so it was getting pretty slim as far as elite players go. I got a couple good rbs though as our league allows more than one rb on the field for a game.
    • Actually, you can have 3 rbs active in one game (remember, its 1RB, 1WR, and 2RB/WR).

      You had two good picks, and don't forget (I hope this doesn't come back to bite me), that no one has picked a WR yet.... ;-)
  • I don't think it was too early. He wouldn't have been there in the second round, I would have grabbed him in the second round if he had still been available :). If he's the one you wanted you had to get him there.

  • I'm not in the league, but I'm going to give my 2 cents anyway. ;)

    Daunte Culpepper QB, Vikings - Kormoc
    I think taking Culpepper over Vick is a mistake. The Vikings are not set to do much this season, other than try and keep up with a mediocre Packer team. Unlike Atlanta who went out in the off-season and picked up some targets for Vick, the Vikings are counting on their "troubled" potential hall-of-fame receiver Randy Moss and Culpepper to hook up this year. I hope Moss has his head in the game and no
    • Remember, we are in a keeper league, which is why you are seeing people chose young instead of the best player for each position.
      • I think McNabb is both young and a great player in his position. I would not be a bit surprised if scores the most points for a QB this season in FFL. At the very least third place.

        If all goes well, my second round pick will not be keeping with the young player thing as I hope to next year pick up a decent nubie... but if all goes un-well, I have a young player I'm thinking of for round 3 that I might bump up.

        Rookie RBs often have a break out year only to trail off in their second year.
        • McNabb was going to be my pick if he lasted that long, he didn't. I think that McNabb will be the top QB this year. While Vick is good and getting better he doesn't have the team resources that McNabb does.
          Manning, IMHO, is a genius - he reads defense to perfection, has the athletic ability and is a great leader. I see ability in him that rivals Joe Montana, but his offensive corps are his weekness.

          Now as far as how the draft has gone its surprising that so many QB's have been picked first, thats why I gra
          • That's the fun part about FF in a league this size. There aren't enough top tier players at any position for all of the teams. You just try to get a top tier in on or two positions and hope for a sleeper to work out. I'd be suprised to see many more QB's go for a while, as people head for WR's, or even over to the DB/DL's to get a head start on the tops in those positions.

            • Yeah, I usually play in 6 or 8 team games, when most people have a lot of good players. This league will come down to everyone having one or two elites, the rest goes down as regulars. Will be fun :-)
          • No kidding, I was shocked to be able to pick up a decent RB first round. I just was torn over my QB pick -- it's hard to pass up Gannon, but the whole keeper league thing nags at me. :)
          • While Vick is good and getting better he doesn't have the team resources that McNabb does.

            Did you read about the off-season moves the Falcons made? And the fact that Duce Staley still has not reported to camp for the Eagles.

            No, my money is solely on Vick. He faster, stronger, and simply a better QB than McNabb.
            • Vick's got peerless price to throw to now. Combined now with a great WR, I think Vick will easily be the tops this year in QB.

              I am amazed that so many QBs are already gone. I have a few sleepers in mind though, so not too worried. But to see Vick, Manning, Pennington, Culpepper, McNabb, and McNair all picked in the first 16 picks is wild!

              This will be a fun league, and am really looking forawrd to the competition. I've never been in a 14 team league before. It really changes things a bit in the draft.

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