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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Fantasy Football: Draft Results, Trash Talkin, Chattin 20

I'll post results here (so check often!). Feel free to complain about picks, make fun of picks, chat, or trash talk throughout this JE.

Round 1:
  1. Daunte Culpepper QB, Vikings - Kormoc
  2. Michael Vick QB, Falcons - Sielwolf
  3. Clinton Portis RB, Broncos - FK
  4. Donovan McNabb QB, Eagles - Helio
  5. Ricky Williams RB, Dolphins - asv108
  6. LaDanian Tomlinson RB, Chargers - siliconvortex
  7. Peyton Manning QB, Colts - Magnetar Jones
  8. Priest Holmes RB, Chiefs - MC Hampster
  9. Jeremy Shockey TE, Giants - Blackneto
  10. Chad Pennington QB, Jets - Keith
  11. Marshall Faulk RB, Rams - RedWarrior
  12. Aaron Brooks QB, Saints - Cliff
  13. Deuce McAllister RB, Saints - daoine
  14. Shaun Alexander RB, Seahawks - Eggman

Round 2:

  1. Ahman Green RB, Packers - Eggman
  2. Steve McNair QB, Titans - daoine
  3. Travis Henry RB, Bills - Cliff
  4. Marvin Harrison WR, Colts - Red Warrior
  5. Eddie George RB, Titans - Keith
  6. Charlie Garner RB, Raiders - Blackneto
  7. Edgerrin James RB, Colts - Hampster
  8. Terrell Owens WR, 49ers - MJ
  9. Jamal Lewis RB, Ravens - Silicon
  10. Randy Moss WR, Vikings - asv
  11. Keyshawn Johnson WR, Buccaneers - Helio
  12. Plaxico Burress WR, Steelers - FK
  13. Stephen Davis RB, Panthers - Siel
  14. Corey Dillon RB, Bengals - kor

Round 3:

  1. Joe Horn WR, Saints - kor
  2. Tony Gonzalez TE, Chiefs - siel
  3. Eric Moulds WR, Buffalo - FK
  4. Emmitt Smith RB, Cardinals - helio
  5. Jeff Garcia QB, 49ers - asv
  6. Tikki Barber RB, Giants - sv
  7. William Green RB, Browns - MJ
  8. Torry Holt WR, Rams - Hampster
  9. Jeff Blake QB, Cardinals - Blackneto
  10. Hines Ward WR, Steelers - Keith
  11. Rich Gannon QB, Raiders - RW
  12. Peerless Price WR, Falcons - Cliff
  13. David Boston WR, Chargers - dao
  14. Matt Hasselbeck QB, Seahawks - egg

Round 4:

  1. Fred Taylor RB, Jags - Eggman
  2. Laveranues Coles WR, Skins - daoine
  3. Brett Favre QB, Packers - Cliff
  4. Rod Gardner WR, Skins - Red Warrior
  5. Joey Porter DL(LB), Steelers - Keith
  6. Isaac Bruce WR, Rams - Blackneto
  7. Amani Toomer WR, Giants - Hampster
  8. Kevan Barlow RB, 49ers - MJ
  9. Koren Robinson WR, Seahawks - Silicon
  10. Jerry Rice WR, Raiders - asv
  11. Todd Pinkston WR, Eagles - Helio
  12. Derrick Brooks DL(LB), Bucs - FK
  13. Chad Johnson WR, Bengals - Siel
  14. Morton Anderson K, Chiefs - kor

Round 5:

  1. Jay Feely K, Falcons - Kormoc
  2. Michael Bennett RB, Vikings - Sielwolf
  3. Correll Buckhalter RB, Eagles - FK
  4. Bubba Franks TE, Packers - Helio
  5. Todd Heap TE, Ravens - asv108
  6. Donte Stallworth WR, Saints - siliconvortex
  7. Donald Driver WR, Packers - Magnetar Jones
  8. Kurt Warner QB, Rams - MC Hampster
  9. Jerry Porter WR, Raiders - Blackneto
  10. Darren Sharper DB, Packers - Keith
  11. Dat Nguyen DL(LB), Cowboys - RedWarrior
  12. Trung Candidate RB, Skins - Cliff
  13. Troy Brown WR, Pats - daoine
  14. Drew Bledsoe QB, Bills - Eggman

FYI - You can click on 'Draft Results' under 'league info' on the league page to make sure I'm putting everything in right. I'm trying to submit them as soon as you guys pick'm.

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Fantasy Football: Draft Results, Trash Talkin, Chattin

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  • We can't be waiting 24 hours or more for each pick. At this rate the season will be well under way before we finish drafting.

    Lets put an hour limit on each pick and move along.
  • I'm surprised that Vick didn't go first. I can understand taking Culpepper (doesn't play TB twice, gets to pick on the Skins and Cowboys) but I just think this kid is going to shine with a definite offensive weapon. I had resigned myself to taking LDT but, eh, I'll take what I got ;p
    • Yeah, I hate you.

      I was thinking... third pick? That's a damn good chance to get my hands on vick!


      I went with Portis... picked him 5th round last year as a possible sleeper... he did me good (wish I was in a keeper league then. Portis + Travis Henry). So I went ahead and avoided Holmes and Williams to pick the younger guy.
      • Yeah, I was thinking that Vick has so much future potential. Like Netscape stock in '95. And there is going to be a point where TB is going to have to trade off their defense/Kiffin retires. So Vick's schedule should get easier. And running 2nd in the division means they get some easier interConference play... anyway that's how it goes ;p

        Holmes is just one of those 80% good bets. I'm not a fan of guys who are coming off of A) hip surgery, B) Microfracture surgery C) hammy/Achilles surgery. None of th
      • I hate all of you! I wanted Vick! He went to my college! I had him for Fantasy Football last year and he kicked butt! Unfortunately that keeper league has folded...*sigh*

        I knew I would get screwed as soon as I saw my draft order. Good pick, Siewolf. I still hate you. Moreso than FK, even! =)
        • Yeah yeah yeah, Mr Low Pick. When you get two solid 1st AND 2nd rounders we'll see who's crying then ("Oh gee... I guess I'll have to decide between Curtis Martin and Ricky Williams... oh wait! No I don't!"). It's quite possible Mr Vick could be in a Corey "Why am I the only talented guy on this team?" Dillon situation on my fantasy team.
          • Mr. Vick was just fine last year. Unless the Falcons truly sacked both their defensive and offensive lines, he's liable to have a break out year.

            It's just that last year spoiled me. I guess I'll have to settle for my 5th or 6th pick for QB which I haven't had to do for 3 years.

            So when Vick is pulling in 15 to 25 points a game, for your fantasy team, I'll point out my pathetic 12 from Favre and reference your above comments in the apropriate sour grapes fashion. =)

            So long as no one takes my first ch
    • Wow, I guess my pick wasn't as bad as I thought. I am sorry for taking so long, but family problems kept me away from my house all yesterday, and I wanted to read up a little more before I made a pick, I have my entire lineup planed now, so you guys shouldn't be waiting on me anymore :)
  • So I have the last pick.... Muahahaha!

    I actually thought I let everyone down, as I was so damn busy yesterday, that I did not get a chance to look at /. or the yahoo mail to make my pick.

    Just to vent:

    Refering to contractors that live and work in India as Indians is not an insult...

    And after spending 14 hours fixing some insanely complicated reverse proxy issues the Indians can now see the development public windows server.
  • Does anyone know why Yahoo! is not updating the Available Players page even with certain players being listed on the Drafting Results page showing the inprogress draft selection?

    Does anyone perhaps know if this will update after each round?

    While I don't base everything on the listing there, or the rankings is gives, it still is a nice way to do a "check and see" and ponder players that may not spring to your own mind. Seeing players listed that are not available due to drafting is a little counter produc
  • Just to check, does he get another auto pick here? He's up right after Cliff, who I hope will be picking shortly (and hopefully poorly for a change, it seems like the guy wanted who I picked in round 1, here's hoping he doesn't read my mind on round 2 as well).
    • Well, I'm generating as big of a hatelist as Sielwolf, I see. First you, now daoine. I'll probably have to go into hiding after the draft is over. I'd advise Sielwolf to do the same. As I'm most certainly willing to take Vick from his cold, dead, hands.

      But I'm not a violent person...ohhh noooo! :D

This is clearly another case of too many mad scientists, and not enough hunchbacks.