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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Fantasy Football: Draft Order! 19

OK folks, I did this fairly (yes, I wrote a quick Java program to randomize the order). To warn you, I ran it twice. The first time I was the first pick, and I know someone woulda cried foul, so I reran it (and still got a high pick. Which is bad for me, as I prefer the last pick). I'll give you the order, then the code that ran it (to prove I'm not cheatin):
  1. I added the /. names to help you guys learn your team names.
  2. Sea Raiders -Kormoc
  3. 36Chambers -sielwolf
  4. Improbablity Drive -FK
  5. Zerglings -helio
  6. /dev/null -asv108
  7. Bouncers -silicon vortex
  8. MJs Marauders -Magnetar Jones
  9. MC Hampsters Crew -MC Hampster
  10. Blackneto's Raiders -Blackneto
  11. Yinzers -Keith Russell
  12. Red Warriors -Red Warrior
  13. Spielburg -Cliff
  14. Boston Tea Partah -Daoine
  15. SF Shizz-Ham -eggman

public static void main(String[] args)
Untitled1 untitled11 = new Untitled1();
String teams[] = {
"Sea Raiders",
"Improbablity Drive",
"MJs Marauders",
"SF Shizz-Ham",
"Red Warriors",
"Blackneto's Raiders",
"Boston Tea Partah",
"MC Hampsters Crew"
ArrayList orderedList = new ArrayList();
Random r = new Random();
while( orderedList.size() < teams.length )
int randomValue = r.nextInt( teams.length );
while( orderedList.contains( teams[ randomValue ] ) )
randomValue = r.nextInt( teams.length );
orderedList.add( teams[ randomValue ] );
Iterator iter = orderedList.iterator();
while( iter.hasNext() )
String teamname = ( String );
System.out.println( teamname );

I'll send out an email to everyone's preferred email on the yahoo FFL coaches list when we start (so go change it if you want it to be something else!). I'll send the order, then you reply with your pick. At the end of every round, I'll post the round results in my journal.

So, kormoc, you gonna go ahead and give us an idea of who the top pick will be? ;-)

And, when should we start? Tonight? This weekend? In a week or two?
We can also use this JE for tips for the newbies among us to help them with the draft.

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Fantasy Football: Draft Order!

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  • *I* am taking my son to Disneyland for the first week of August. :->

    So, I'll vote for waiting a week or two.
  • We don't have the time to put the draft off very long, so I vote we start as soon as possible.

    And you said you did this fairly? First off, I'm #12. We (and yes, this is in the royal context) have problems with that. Surely a fair lottery would have resulted in me being a higher number. That leaves me with problem #2: Java hates me! I demand you rerun the generator, except use one written in Perl!

    Perl lubs me! Yessss! Yessss, it does. My preciousssss!
  • I'm going to be out of town the first week of August (Wed through Fri) getting my fingerprints taken and looking for apartments...

    Ponders purchases... Michael Vick is awefully tempting right now...
  • I'll send out an email to everyone's preferred email on the yahoo FFL coaches list when we start (so go change it if you want it to be something else!).

    Where do I go to alter this setting or is this a whisper-in-FK's-ear based protocol for this setting?
  • Who's teams 8, 9, and 11 are. :-)

    Oh, BTW... if you guys need me to do something that requires and impartial 3rd party, I'd be willing to do it. I'm not participating, and I know so little about football, let alone FANTASY football, that I wouldn't know how to cheat for someone if I wanted to. Just have FK send me an email with what he needs done and I'll post it in his journal.

  • But the last player gets 2 picks right? Then it runs back down the list to first pick?
    • yeah, which is why last pick is sooo good. Like I mentioned before. First pick gets the best player (you think) in the draft, the next pick is usually 'decent' at best. The last pick, though, gets two 'good' picks, so you have some good odds of a good pick. Cause even if one bombs, you still got the other :-)
  • Wee. I get first pick, and what a pick it will be :)

    I really have no idea who I shall pick, I need to go read up on it a bit. I'm for starting whenever, as once I get the draft list, I will be forced to pick.

    Any other sites you want to recommend me to lookup?
  • If people are going to be gone, lets get it going. If we can knock out the first couple of rounds this weekend, then the slowdown for a week won't be so bad.

  • I totally suck at drafting, so I'm ready to get it over with. :)
  • about these "Self" drafts. Commissioner hasn't been heard from all week, everybody is going somewhere, busy or on vacation.

    Pardon my French but let get this F*^king draft going!!! We need time to draft AND time to do pre-season trades..

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