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Journal FortKnox's Journal: We want a NONCORRUPTED moderation system! 10

Here ya go. Jamie responded to a Kuro5hin article about the whole unlimited mod points, troll post issue (from last journal entry). And I found a GREAT reply!

Basically, since they (read: slashdot editors) can undo any of the 5 mod points any regular moderator has, then everyone should just go to your preferences and uncheck "Willing to Moderate". What's the point of having mod points?!?! If they want to have unlimited mod points, then let them moderate!
No longer am I to be a grunt of slashdot or OSDN!

Moderate your own articles, editors (and good luck, cause now you are going to have to work a full day of moderation for seven days a week)!!
I'll wait until you give 'the people' back their moderation system!

Here's a sig to make it known to all: What's the point of moderating?!?!
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We want a NONCORRUPTED moderation system!

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