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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Fantasy Football: The Decision 3

Although the majority sees Fanball is an ok route, I think we're better off staying with Yahoo for the people that disagreed with the movement's reasons. It'd have to happen too quickly, I'd have to badger some of you to get an account, and I've not tried their game before, so who knows if its any good.

So, its settled, we'll stay with Yahoo!, and this weekend I'll setup the draft order, so feel free to start the trashtalk.

Oh, and 7 have paid, 7 haven't. Its $10 a person, paypaled to "paypal _at_", or if you don't want to do the paypal thing, email "joshmarotti _at_" and I'll hook you up with my real address to send me a check.
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Fantasy Football: The Decision

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