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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Fantasy Football: Fanball 14

I was about to write a nice in-depth advice column on fantasy football for all the newbies playing. I was going to point to my source of fantasy football news, Well, it looks like it has an online league that is just as good as yahoos (looks more customizable, actually, with options for keep leagues, etc...), for only $50 (yahoo's was $120). So I can either:

A.) Go with fanball, and send you guys (the ones that have already paid) back half of your money (more like $5 a person).
B.) Go with fanball, and put the excess in prizes for the end (how much to where is determined later).
C.) Go with yahoo, cause you don't want to have to create ANOTHER account.
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Fantasy Football: Fanball

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  • ...can more people sign up? I missed it first time around due to family problems. (No, NOT the aforementioned sorta-cousin sorta-pregnant sorta-married sorta-girlfriend. This is a separate issue. It gets *weirder* still. The real question wrt that is: Do you want to know? :-> )

    But anyway, back to my original question: can more people sign up if you decide to go with fanball? I really did want to play, I just missed my window of opportunity entirely.

  • told ya.
  • Cause if you go with A, I lose a chunk due to the fact that I can accept ccs via paypal.

    It sucks, but that's how it works :)
    • If you use the refund button on the payment details page for that particular payment (available within 30 days of the original payment, I think), you get the whole payment back and no-one pays any fees.
  • I really don't care since 5 bucks isn't going to wipe out my CD money.
  • As I already sent the money...I vote B.
  • Fanball looks interesting, but I can't find the particulars about setting up the league. If you think it is flexible enough for us, I'm game.

    I know yahoo works, and have played at espn as well.

    Hmm.. why not fanball? I'll vote b. and put the $ into a prize for the winner.
  • This just seems like something we're going to regret later in the season and we can't un-do it. I don't know why I get this feeling, but perhaps it's one of those "I have used yahoo before, it works, this is new, and in true IT fashion new is 'bad.'"

    I mean, it's true IT fashion to change things completely, impacting budgeted funds, and all end users, so I guess I should expect it, but unless there's someone out there with a tremenduously convincing argument to switch I say let's just keep on keeping on.

  • Since I haven't sent you the money yet, it doesn't matter to me. I'll send it as soon as issue is resolved.

  • Since I haven't sent the money in yet let me know for sure where we're going.
    THEN i'll send it.
    Actually I was going to send it in this week...
  • ...and the majority seems to favor Fanball.

    However the time to do this is now, and soon. If we do change to FanBall, we all need to rejoin, and then soon after that, we need to start the draft. The window of opportunity for switching is real, real tight.

    Heliocentric did mention that we shouldn't get caught with "the grass is always greener" situation, but since we have people who wanted to get in and missed, and there has been little involvement to this point, this might be the chance to regroup.

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