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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Bad Karma (not the /. kind) 21

How has my day gone?

Well, I had to wake up extra early and wakeup Joey so my wife could leave early[1]. So I get him up, get him ready, and the wife leaves. I'm about to jump in the shower when *BAM*, major thunderstorm they were predicting hit. Powerloss, and I'm still without a shower. The flashlights and candles? Packed.... the the basement. So I have to wait for power to come back on to get my shower...

this makes me kind late.

On my way out the door the phone rings... the "other guys" insurance about the accident. I need to take a recorded statement (he tried to get me to say I had no injuries, but thanks to spoonyfork, my only response was "not that I am aware of", which made him ask multiple times but I was very aware of what I was saying with every response). Anywho, I finished, and got 'his' version of what happened. He gave misinformation about everything, including the intersection where it happened!! He said there was 5 northbound lanes, a right turn only, a straight lane, and 2 left turn lanes. I went to the furthest to pass him, as he claimed (there is a left turn lane and a straight lane (which you can turn right from). I got in the left lane to make the turn, he merged into me across the white line). The guy said he's still in the investigative stage and no liability is claimed yet, but as soon as he realizes I'm telling more truth than the other guy + his inspection of the car which shows backend damage, I think I'll get all my cash (thanks for all the advice everyone!!). Afterward, I call up my claim adjuster and tell her everything that transpired and gave her all the info about the guy that called me, and she sounded quite pleased at how everything went.

So, now I'm running really late.

On my way to work, what happens? A guy pulls out into the middle of traffic (he must have been blind. I mean he just stopped and went out into full traffic). Of course he broadsided a car in front of the guy in front of me. I jump out and make sure everyone is ok. The jerk that pulled out had some bleeding on the forehead from hitting the steering wheel, but seemed coherent and ok. The lady in front of me called the cops and ambulance and I gave my witness statement.

Now I'm really really late.

As I'm pulling into the garage to park for work, a guy is leaving, so he pays the clerk and hits the gas without paying attention. *BAM* runs right through that 'grey and white stripped barrier arm' thing. So I get out, ask if everything's ok, and laugh my rear off out of view.

So, I got into work just in time to pass most people going to early lunch. I guess my day coulda gotten worse... but after telling me story to others, I wasn't allowed to oversee any compiles ;-)

[1] - we have 3 cars, the grandam, the minivan, and a jeep grand cherokee I'm trying to sell (150k miles, good condition, $3k obo if interested email me). Only cars that have anchors (needed to install the carseat) are the minivan and the grandam. Usually, wife takes the minivan, I take the grandam. I drop off joey on my way to work, she picks him up. With the grandam out of commission (need to get an appraisal before driving it), wife has to do both.
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Bad Karma (not the /. kind)

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  • He gave misinformation about everything, including the intersection where it happened!!

    Some people have creative memories. :)
  • That you were getting a clear message trying to tell you NOT to go to work that day. Anything else bad happen after that? :)
  • Call your Chrysler/Jeep dealer. You should be able to get the anchors added on later. I had to on my Mystique. Paid $10 for the parts, labor was free. Not as pretty as the built in ones, but easier than buying a new car:)
    • My car had holes for the mountings, but were covered up by the upholstry. I just needed to poke a hole through and was able to mount mine myself. It was a necessity too, as my seats are so slippery, without the extra anchor it didn't matter how tight I got the seatbelt, the carseat would slide forwards.

      • That's actually all mine needed. But, since I had to drive the car to the shop to get the parts (which were free, now that I think about it), why not wait another fifteen minutes and be done with it?

        My seats weren't slippery. The thing is held pretty well without it, but it gives that final little tightness that makes it feel bolted to the frame of the car.
  • When it came to my bad accident (which I refer to as "The Accident") the guy who hit me actually tried to say that I stopped suddenly without warning, and that was why he hit me so I should be partially at fault.

    The EMT team that was 2 cars away and witnessed the entire thing luckily issued a statement in agreeance with what I said.

    What actually happened: I was at a stop, 20' before the car in front of me, for approximately 20-30 seconds. He hit me at 55 (he was travelling at 65mph), and left only 10-12
  • excellent move on the "not that I'm aware of" type statements. it may come back to help you later.

    you may have injuries to you that simply have not come up yet. for example, my mother was rear-ended low speed several years ago. she's had back problems ever since, but they started several days after the hit. we're still meandering through the courts to get medical and other payments, which is being complicated by the fact there is no visible damage to either vehicle (we have a minivan, there's a little
  • But I have a question: What does not having power have to do with taking a shower?

    • But I have a question: What does not having power have to do with taking a shower?

      I'm guessing (not to put words in your mouth, Josh) that it's hard to shower in the dark. With a thunderstorm outside and a small bathroom window, the natural light in a bathroom has got to be pretty pitiful.
      • Umm... so you keep your eyes open when you shower? Must be pretty painful when you get all that soap in there. I don't know about anyone else, but I can pretty much shower with my eyes closed at this point.

        Still not satisfied. NEXT!!

        • Must be pretty painful when you get all that soap in there.

          That is why I use my hightened water senses to close my eyes when I'm shampooing my hair. Other than that, I need eyes to avoid all my wife's froofy shampoos and body washes so that I can walk through the workday without coworkers saying, "You smell nice! Is that Bath and Body Works Peach Body Wash?" Plus, my wife keeps (uncovered) razors in one of the little hanging thingies in the shower, so I don't fancy searching by touch. Shower how you will,
          • Hey, if they give you shit about smelling liks B&BW Peach, just ask them how the fsck they know!!

            As for all the other crap -- I guess we're pretty minimalist. And I picked up a suction thingy from Wal-Mart for my razor, so it's way on the opposite side away from the shampoo & stuff.

            Whatever, you guys. Keep the light on. Fine by me.

        • There is no windows in the bathroom, so its pitch black.

          Keep in mind that its a new house (therefore, new bathroom), and I have two women that have razors in there, 3 children so a buncha toys and shampoos and soaps, and somewhere in that mess is my soap and my shampoo.

          I'm not taking my chances in that shower without some type of light. I woulda done it in flashlight light, but, as I mentioned, they were unattainable.

    • I'm glad I wasn't the only one wondering that.

  • especially after reading ladyguardian's dream JE and getting bummed about my own dream, this was therapy.
  • ...They were an older couple from florida...He gave misinformation about everything, including the intersection where it happened!!

    Many of these old coots can't remember where or when they had their last bowel movement. And you expect them to remember where they had their last out of state accident?

"The way of the world is to praise dead saints and prosecute live ones." -- Nathaniel Howe