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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Fantasy Football: Last Chance 5

Ok, what I have so far is:
Lineup 1RB, 1TE, 1WR, 2 floats (RB/WR).
Money, most people are willing to pitch in (looks like it'll be $10 a piece).

13 Teams, 14 invited. Cliff, did you not get the invite??

No idea what to do with the QB points. Seeing as it's just 20 yards/point, I think 6pts for TD is ok, and I'll set it this way unless you all argue.

I think Email is the best way to do, but when do we start?
SiliconVortex made a point:
If we start in Mid/Late July, there's a giant chance of injury during camp and preseason.
If we start in August, we may not finish the draft in time.
I think we should go with august, and just chance it that we'll finish.

Anything else?
$10 to and I'll take care of the money (if ya can trust me). If paypal isn't your thing, then email me and I'll send you my address to send the money to.

If you want to argue with any of these points (or want to jump into the game) you need to speak up ASAP!
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Fantasy Football: Last Chance

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  • are part of the game.
  • but you already knew that.

    Sucks to be Em. Too busy man.

    Keep me updated though, looking for some trash talk.

    Might be time to do Em's Football predictions.

    Here's a hint: The Bears are gonna be second in the division this year.
  • I shot you my payment via paypal. Start in August, and chance it. But we need to have the order and date set so we can try to pump out the draft ASAP. Injuries suck but moreso than RL since there is injured reserve and all of that. Everything else sounds fine.
  • It's too early IMO for a keeper league. I think August is better as it gives the teams some time to shake out the youg talent.
  • Quit freakin' FK, I'm signed up, already =). I got 2 Fantasy Football invites: one yours and one for Sandbox (which costs a crapload of cash), I read the Sandbox one first, thinking it was yours and almost signed up. Fortunately, I decided to look at the other one and it was obvious which league I was destined to join ("Cheaper is better, mmmm-kay?!").

    Email drafts! Please! I don't want to be tied to a chat channel, or worse, AIM, for several hours. Even over the weekend! My life is too chaotic for that! ;-

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