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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Fantasy Football: Decisions and Money 11

This is who is signed up atm:
(Team: /. username):
Hampster Crew: MC Hampster
Blackneto Raiders: Blackneto
MJs Marauders: Magnetar Jones
Zerglings: Heliocentric
Sea Raiders: Kormoc
Improbability Drive: FortKnox
Boston Tea Pahty: Daoine
/dev/null: asv108
36 Chambers: sielwolf
Pittsburgh Yinzers: Keith Russel

I have an invite out to Cliff and Surak, but they haven't created a team, yet.
If you aren't on this list (and want to be), you need to email ASAP. Once we get draft order and stuff out, the league will be shut.

OK, now for some decisions. If we want conferences, we need to get the "Yahoo PLUS" league, which costs $125.00 total. It would give us conferences, a java applet that gives out live updates during the game, and other wizbangs (including a plaque for the winner). That'd mean we would each chip in some cash to get it, and any extra cash would go into a pool to be give out to the winner/2ndplace/most points/whatever. I'm not big on dishing out cash for a FFL (I always lose when I do), but it isn't a ton of cash and it'd improve the league. Up to you guys.

Second is lineup:
Right now I have it as 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, 2DL (including LB), 2DB, and 1 (overall defensive player, like another db, or another dl or whatever). It has been suggested to make it 1RB, 1WR, and 2RB/WR (you can chose 1RB and 3 WR, or 1WR 3RB, or whatever). This would help minimize the bench. The bench, as I have it, allows for 1 extra player at each position, which is a lot of benchers (but we need an extra player for every position for bye weeks). Any suggestions on reorganization is needed.

Lastly, points.

I'm not gonna write up how I have it setup (except for the most negotionable ones), so go to the league overview page and there shoudl be a link to league settings or something like that.

QB - 1pt for every 25 yards thrown.
6pts for every td thrown.

WR - 1pt for every 15 yards reception
RB - 1pt for every 10 yards rushing.

Now the yards per point is always the hardest to determine, and the second hardest is whether the QB gets 6pts per TD or 3pts.

Personally, I've used the 10yards per point across the board, and QB and WR are waaay more powerful than RBs. Through a few years, this appears to be the best formula, though pushing throwing yards to 20yards/point, or even lower, may be a good idea.

So discuss! ;-)
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Fantasy Football: Decisions and Money

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  • I'm in if everyone is agreeable
    $125/person , NFW
  • I'm out, but I'll keep an eye on this league, should make for some interesting trash talk in the zoo.
  • I like the 1RB, 1WR, and 2RB/WR idea. That way you can at least use your RB's if you don't draft a good WR corp and your WR's if you don't draft a good RB corp.

    Thats $125 split amongst the league, not $125 per person.
  • The money isn't the issue (even though unemployed) its that conferences and the other stuff isn't that important to me. A plaque? Ehhh... I'll pay if there is an overwhelming majority but it doesn't put wind in my sail.

    I think the RB/WR slots are good. TE's quality really drops off after the first few.

    An important thought on QB TD's: if a QB runs in a TD, I want him to get 6 points just like an RB. It's the same work. I think then it isn't too big of a deal if he then gets 6 for throwing one. Yeah
    • An important thought on QB TD's: if a QB runs in a TD, I want him to get 6 points just like an RB. It's the same work

      Yeah, when I talk about QB thrown TDs, I just mean thrown TDs. If a QB runs into the endzone, its the same as a RB rushing TD... 6 points. If a QB throws the ball, its blocked, he recieves it and goes into the endzone, he gets both the thrown TD points and the recieving TD points for a total of 9 or 12 points, depending on the setting (yes, it has happened before. Rich Gannon like 4 or
  • I've never participated in a football fantasy league before, so I don't really have much opinion on anything. You guys are the experts, so set it up the best way (if that isn't a cop-out, I don't know what is).

    As for money, I don't mind throwing in some cash.

    • I've never paricipated either, so i'm going to sit this one out and watch. But set up again next year and some of y'all may get stuck more girls in the game... and as far as the Bahstan Tea Pahty goes, Well, it's STILL tough to get a decent cup of tea in boston, and it's been 200+ years!!!


  • I'll pony up for the SuperUltraDeluxe 5000 service. $125 split 10+ ways is a damn sight cheaper than my work league. :-)

    As for lineups, I've got two words for you: Torn. ACL. I say one WR, RB, and TE each, and let the rest float.

  • I just created my yahoo account. Can you send an invite to eggm4n -at- yahooooooo dot com?

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