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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Fantasy Football: Lets get started 40

OK, lets get this thing started.

Looks like we'll have around 14-16 people total, so this will be a big league. I am going to start a yahoo head-to-head league shortly (and post the link here, so sign up). We'll use the yahoo ff league to do all the regular FF stuff, and I'll keep the info on draft order, and players kept after the season is over.
I'll start with their free league, and if you guys[1] really want to, we can put in some money and get new features (or put in some money if you guys want to play for it).

OK, I figure the best way to draft is either:
A.) Get everyone together on a Saturday and log into a chatroom and draft.
B.) Do an email draft, where we just pass around an email, and make our picks and pass it on.

The email is probably the better way to go with as many people as we are going to have, but I'd like to know your opinion. If we go the email route, we need to start early, cause it will probably end up taking like a week.
Draft will be 'random snake' this year, and regular draft based on how the previous year ended (worst record gets the first pick, etc). Random snake means we are ordered by random draw, then after the first round, the order is reversed, for four teams round one would be chosen team1, team2, team3, team4, then round two would be team4, team3, team2, team1 which is pretty even and fair.

We also need to determine if we should break up into conferences (for over 10, usually you have 2 conferences).

And lastly, we need to decide on point rules and how many players we get to keep. I'll setup a default point system, and say 4 players (so you have something to look at and argue against).

What about defensive/special teams vs defensive players? Do you want just a team defesive/special teams, or should we draft specific defensive players??

So go create a yahoo ID if you don't have one yet, and I'll invite ya into the league when I create it.

And, one last thing, what are we going to do if someone just quits in the middle of the season (which has happened before in my leagues)? Should we replace them, or remove them, or what?

[1] - I say "guys" for both girls and guys (I know Daoine is playing, maybe another girl), so I am not trying to offend.

Here's my list of people wanting to play (If you aren't on the list and want to play, respond to this JE ASAP. This IS a keeper league (meaning you keep a few players and next year we play again)):
bofkentucky, sielwolf, Surak, Keith Russel, daoine, baldass newbie, Em Emalb, heliocentric, Red Warrior, Blackneto, Eggman2000, Magnetar Jones, asv108, FortKnox

Update: I made the league, with the ID #51884. There is a password to stop trolls. Email joshmarotti_at_yahoo_dot_com (with your slashdot ID if it isn't obvious), and I'll invite you and give you the password.
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Fantasy Football: Lets get started

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  • I will definitely play..
  • and I'll get it to ya.

    Fun fun fun. Remember folks, go with your gut.

    Who says Barry Sanders won't have a break out year this year? :)
  • I'm starting to think defensive players are a better choice than just a team.

    The reason is the league is so large... each team won't have that many great players, so adding a whole new dimension of players, we can at least help spread out the good players more to all the teams.

    So we use 'defensive team' for stuff like points scored against, safeties, and special teams, and then defensive players for tackles, sacks, interceptions, etc...

    • I'm confused! I have to admit that I've never done this before. *blush*

      Okay, defensive *players* means you draft individual players, and then defensive *teams* means that you draft individual (I would assume *existing* NFL) teams and/or special teams (within existing NFL teams) for your defense?

      You seem to imply that you can do both. I don't understand how that would work.

      • Yeah, I was trying to mix it up, but, as others mentioned, we'd almost be out of defensive teams, so I think we're going the defensive player route.

        Don't worry if its your first time. Just draft players, and you'll get the hang of it. Just remember its a keeper league, so don't be afraid to draft young players at the end that may make a big impact next year (carson palmer, Byron Leftwich, Dallas Clark, etc...).

        BTW - There are a lot of sites (my fave is fanball.com) that has all kinda help on who to pi
        • Cool. Thanks.

          One question: Football season doesn't start for a bit yet. I'm assuming like a non-virtual FFL, we'd be playing during the regular season, getting stats off the real games. Or would we also play during the pre-season? Or what? And does Yahoo take care of all the scoring at what not? I would assume so. And I'm assuming if a player is benched IRL, the player in the FFL is also benched? Or what?

          Okay, that was more than question, I lied.
          • FF starts with week1 of the regular season. Weeks 15, 16, and 17 are the playoffs for FF, so the last regular season game is week 14.

            Players just get points by plays they make (look at the rules on our ffl home page when you sign up. Basically, for a QB, you get 6 pts for a TD, 1 pt for every 25 yards, and -2 pts for every interception. For a reciever, its 1 pt every 15 reception yards, and 6 pts for every TD. So if your WR doesn't catch anything, he'll have 0 points).

            Something else to keep in mind
            • I'm willing to put up $5 for live stats! Coolness! We'd probably have to use PayPal or something to transfer the money to one person (probably you ;) who would then send the money to yahoo. Just guessing.

              • Well, I'm thinking that if I can get everyone to put up $10, we can get the 'plus league' (total cost = $125.00), which gives us all kinda features and wizbangs (including the live stats), the winner gets a plaque, and the extra money can be split up amongst the winner, 2nd place, and toilet bowl winner (the losers bracket winner).

                Another reason is because thats the only way to break teams up into conferences.

                I'll propose it once everyone gets into the league.
                • I'm willing to spend $10 as well. I think it's well worth it if you get all the cool features *and* the winners can get prizes (even if they aren't much). And for all those who will whine about not being able to afford it: c'mon. How much money do you spend on your computer hardware? You can't afford a few measly dollars for a FFL? I'll bet most of you don't have a single component of the box you're using now that you paid less than $10 for! :-P
                • I don't have a problem with the $10 but, I usually purchase the Stat Tracker (Well worth the $7.95) so that I have access to live stats for all the Leagues I play (I usually play the max number allowed) I'm wondering if this will enable Stat Tracker for all Leagues or just the one... I just don't want to have to pay another bank account killing $7.95.
  • definitely. redwarrior lives at comcast.net
    Leagues would be my vote.
  • 1. I'd prefer an email draft over live draft. While it takes longer, it's much esier to coordinate (you don't have a time zone/scheduling problem) -- one thing I've done in other leagues is to have a draft list, and when it's your turn, if you don't pick for 24 hours it selects the top pick automatically. It keeps the draft from stalling indefinitely.

    2. If we've got over 10 teams, conferences might be cool. Never done that.

    3. If we're playing with defensive teams, 4 keepers is fine by me. But if we're
    • Draft Transport Protocol: I second the e-mail motion. Should the draft overlap with somebody's time at work, firewalls may get in the way of chat. (I'm damn sure mine will.)

      Conferences: In my work league, we do conferences. We usually have 14 teams, and each conference drafts differently. (Random Snake Conf. vs. Auction Conf.) Since there are overlapping players, there's no "interleague play" during the regular season. That adds to the fun by ensuring rematches during the regular season. And it makes the

    • I wanna make an addendum:

      Can we have floating offensive positions? So rather than:

      RB RB WR WR TE

      You get:

      RB WR TE FL FL

      where FL is either a RB/WR/TE. I think Yahoo might be able to do this -- it's really nice to be able to draft a running/passing offense and not be forced into playing equal players, and it's easier to reduce your bench.
      • yeah, Yahoo can do this type of thing, and it'll help minimize the bench.

        Only problem is, we have to make sure RB and WR are balanced on point rules. And not many people will be using a TE when they could use a WR or RB (but I suppose someone like Dallas Clark and Jeremy Shockey would be a decent combo during bye weeks).
        • Right, you hafta force at least 1 TE -- and not too many people will use a double TE, but sometimes in that off-week where you lose too many WRs and RBs, it's worth it rather than waiving your good players.

          I've played 1pt per N yards on both WR,TE and RB. It really seems pretty close to even, 'cause the WR gets the yardage and the the FB punches it through the endzone.

          • when I played 10yards per point with WR and RB, the WR had way more yardage (tons of WR have over 100 yard games), but RBs weren't as good (100 yards for a RB is a good game). So it was WR heavy.

            When it was switched to 20yards/1pt for WR, and 10yds/1pt for RB, it was RB heavy, so I think 15/1 WR and 10/1 RB will be pretty even, but that's just my opinion.
  • So I'm tigerversecrane at yahoo dot com. I shot the email out.
    1. Email draft is best. I'm going to be out with the fam on Saturday so email is the best way to hit me up.
    2. Conferences are a must. Of course we need names for them. Servers, OSes, something ridiculous yet keeping with the /. zoo theme. Trolls and Slashbots?
    3. Even if we go with defensive players over defensive teams, what is the probability someone will keep a defensive player? There are maybe five or so defensive players that are worth keep
  • Drafting:
    If we have first time players and/or people that don't know alot about football the whole draft thing can be pretty overwhelming. I've participated in Live-Online drafts and Auto-Drafts and really haven't seen where one is any better than the other. The e-mail draft could take forever to do. My vote is on an Auto Draft and pre-ranking players so that all participants have an equal chance (the only skill needed will be in the Pre-Rankings)

    Most keeper Leagues don't allow the retention of
    • I'm actually a bigot about drafting and absolutely hate autodrafts. I always end up with a sub-par team, and I think its much more advantagious to have a regular live draft. First timers should learn how to do it (and its a keeper league, so even if they choose poorly, they can choose young, and it may pay off eventually). But, I'm running this democratically, so if the majority wants to autodraft, that's peachy with me.

      I don't mind keeping whatever players people want. Think 2 years ago... marshall f
      • I'm actually a bigot about drafting and absolutely hate autodrafts.


        Autodrafting takes half of the skill away. Might as well fire up the PS2 and play Madden. :-)

  • by Cliff ( 4114 ) *
    A Slashdot Fantasy Football league?

    I am so there!

    Do I REALLY need to post my email address for spammers everywhere yo see, or can you apply logic and guess the right one? =)
  • Are you at a even or odd number as of now? I'd play if you have a odd number, but I don't want to be much of a bother, as I really am not much of a football fan, so :)
    • We can do odd numbers, it just means one team will have a FFL bye week each week. As long as you are willing to do this week after week and for a few years, then you are welcome.
      • I'm sorta confused about this, what exactly is involved? My understanding is the following
        1. Pick players and get your team arranged
        2. Watch as they play each other and rearrange players as I see fit.
        3. Wait till I lose twice and then wait till next year and goto 1.

        Is that about the size of it?
        • Well, its a lot more complex from a rabid fan like myself:

          1.) The draft is where most strategy comes into play. You have to look at each position and look for depth. The rest is all played in real time. For example, if there is 5 great QBs, and 10 mediocre ones under the 5, and everyone is concentrating on QBs, go for something else with a shallow depth, and come back to QBs later. Cause, odds are, one of the 'mediocre ones' will be available, and you got a steal at another position. The draft is som
          • Sure, I'll setup the yahoo stuff and send you a email. I can watch football and enjoy it, I watch the superbowl every year, but the actual rules, etc are a total loss for me, but this sounds like it can be fun. I also didn't want to get into something that will take hours everyday :)

    • I have a good friend nammed Matt who has offered his services of evening up the leagues. I've played in FFL with him before and his comical trash talking helps pass the time greatly. He agrees all /.'ers have precidence, but if we're looking for another pick up player he's a skilled good-guy to bring on board. FK, just reply to this post if you're interested in his "services" and I'll let him know.

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