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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Life, and new sub-je-topics 16

OK, first off, I'm gonna have 2 sub-topics that I'll put into the title of my JE's. "Football:" and "Fantasy Football:"

The first one is just stuff I say about football (obviously), so if youa ren't into football, simply ignore it (and non-us'ians.... football != soccer, and no, I will NEVER call that football) :-P
The second one involves those interested in football. I'm starting early this year and seeing who out of my fans would be interested in a fantasy football league. I'd like 8-12 (maybe even 16) teams, and I'd like to create a keeper league (so you'd have to be willing to play year after year). Anyone interested before I even start planning it?

And, life. Where to start?
My brother-in-law (wife's sister's husband) is finally getting out of the army (He is a specialist, arabic linguist. He tried to get out two years ago, but they stop-lossed his job, but now he has another chance and is making a break for it). We all know how the economy is, so I invited him, my sister-in-law, and their two boys (ages almost 2 and 3.5) to come live in our new house for a few weeks until he gets a job and has a stable income. So last week was not only unpacking, but prepping for the move in of our guests. The beginning of the week was them visiting and unloading a bunch of stuff in the house (and even more into a storage unit). What's worse is that we needed to make baby-proof rooms. After all that was done, my mother-in-law and father-in-law were moving to Maine. So I spent the last half of the weekend helping them move out and prepping their house (including removing ivy that overtook the side of their house... some roots went down about 6-10feet). They left this morning.
The outcome? I'm completely physically exhausted. I'm sore and just wiped out. Good thing I have a nice easy week at work having to complete my current assignment before the end of the week for release AND work on a second assignment at the same time and keep everyone satisfied....</sarcasm>

Ugh, I can't wait till friday..... actually, that's the day that my BIL and family move in.... maybe I'll completely burn myself out and get done by early friday and leave early for the weekend and lapse into a 3 day coma...
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Life, and new sub-je-topics

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  • I usually try to do weekly pools as well during the season, no money*, and I've been using Yahoo.
    I'll post something in my JE right around the beginning of the season.

    * It used to be for something like $5/week, but collecting was a bear. I've thought about using PayPal or something similar, but I seem to get better participation with no money than with money.
    Go figure.

    Oh, and all that moving sounds sucky. About as fun as planting your garden with 3 broken toes.
  • This will be my first keeper league, should be interesting.
  • Of course, no telling how the bearzzzz will do with Kordell (with a K) at the helm. Although, it is an odd numbered year, he might do quite well.

    It's been 20 seconds since you last hit reply.

    No, it hasn't. I haven't responded to anything yet today, you sorry assed lameness filter.
  • I'll play> Sign me up, coach. Can we get a player on each team whose job it is is to go on the field and fake a hurt? We had one of those in high school, always the worst player on the team, "Troy, we need you to go in there and fall down crying until coach Wolfrum walks on the field, okay? Stay down for the trainers, got it?"
  • I guess I should post quick before the slots are filled. ;p Haven't had a fantasy team in three years.

    And it'll keep me in the game when the Big Bad Thing happens to the Browns (something always does... this damn town is cursed).
  • I'll play.
    BTW, your BIL should consider a career in the highly paid "contracting with the government to provide the same services he did for peanuts on active duty" field. Actually, I'd bet that for the near future "speaking arabic and NOT blowing up things" will be a hot skill in many market.
    • Especially if he has an active security clearance. I'm sure that NSA would snap up an Arabic linguist with clearance in 30 seconds flat. Might involve moving to greater Baltimore/D.C. area though. There are probably government contractors that would love those skills too though. And some of them might be closer to wherever he wants to call home.
  • by Surak ( 18578 ) *
    Yeah, might as well count me in. How's this gonna work though? Will there be money involved, or is this just for fun? I suppose this is entirely possible in a Slashdot journal, but how do we coordinate the picking of teams and all that?
  • Let's see if I can handle (losing money in) two leagues at one time. :-)

  • w00t
  • There is only one game [afl.com.au] that can be truly called football! ;-)
  • I am a bit of a ff nut. Anyone else play at espn?
  • I'm in, although I told ya that already.
  • I've been playing Yahoo for a few years now.

    Why not also start a league there as well as a keeper.

    Oh and Yahoo FF has already started.. http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1

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