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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Bond 20! 7

I didn't even try to submit this, but its news in my world. Being a giant Bond fan, I was pleased to hear news that Bond 20 is underway. Its yet to be named (which is typical in Bond movies), and stars Pierce (2nd best Bond since Sean), and Halle Berry is the Bond girl (guess they saw swordfish, too) ;-).

Best news of all, though, is, as the new Bond car, they are bringing back the Aston Martin (they will be using the V12 Vanquish).

Bond.... James Bond
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Bond 20!

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  • Best news of all, though, is, as the new Bond car, they are bringing back the Aston Martin (they will be using the V12 Vanquish).

    I have to say, I think they've really whored out 007 in the last few movies. Driving a BMW, drinking his trademark vodka martinis with *Smirnoff* of all things... (or so the Smirnoff ads with the '007' carved out of lime peel would have you believe). Those were the ones that really stuck out in my mind - this article [] also mentions product placement for Ericsson cell phones, Omega watches, L'oreal cosmetics, and (huh?) Heineken beer (I'd like to see him order one of *those* "shaken, not stirred").

    I know product placement occurs in just about every movie that comes out now, but I think they really sold out a piece of Bond with the last movie. Hopefully, they'll tone it back a bit with this one.
    • drinking his trademark vodka martinis with *Smirnoff* of all things

      How true! God, that stuff is AWEFUL.

      But this isn't Albert Broccoli producing anymore, its his daughter. Maybe she doesn't have the 'money skills' her father had? Or maybe she spent the wealth before knowing how to make it?
  • Disagree about the new Aston Martin. There is a long history of non-Aston BMW's. One need only look at the lovely Lotuses of the Moore era (say what you will, but I loved 'em). In reality, the BMW's (Z3 excepted) are generally more technologically advanced. The 5-series was a great choice for a saloon. Still, the Aston isn't a bad car.

    What I'm really glad about is that Pierce Brosnan is back. Dalton was okay (and has grown on me), but the scripts he had were awful (drug dealers? Puhleeze). Moore was good, but you have to approach it in a different way. It seems that the key to having a good Bond is to avoid actors born in England! What's next, an Austrailian or Canadian actor in Bond?

    I'm very sad that Desmond Llewelyn is no longer with us. I loved his quiet grace and dignity in the face of Bond's 'witicisms'. While I love John Cleese (Fawlty Towers and Fish Called Wanda are on my Amazon wish list) I'm a bit leery of his portrayal of 'R'.

    Finally, the Bond women. Guess this is the end of Halle Berry's career. It's a shame. With the exception of ... Oh, her name escapes me. Bond's wife, Tracy (in the underrated OHMSS) have had a career of note post Bond. I guess it's a trade off. In exchange for killing Halle Berry's career, we have seen the death of the career's of Teri Sn^H^HHatcher and Denise "Dr. Christmas Jones" Richards. (How could you have a name like that, and not be the subject of some sort of joke? While not as good as "Pussy Galore", it's pretty funny.)

    I'm looking forward to it. I'll be there on opening weekend, just like the past three.
    • What's next, an Austrailian or Canadian actor in Bond?

      Actually, George Lazenby [] (Bond in OHMSS) was from Austrailia.

      I, too, am saddened by the passing of Llewelyn. He was spectacular at what he did, and Cleese is almost "too big" for the role.
  • I was a major Bond groupie growing up, but recent films seems to take significant cues from either other movies or the commercial world. But I'll see it.

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