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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Vacation Next Week 8

Welp, this is my last day of work before I finish moving into my apartment (finish tomorrrow) and go to FL for the week.

Any fans from around the East side of the state (between Jacksonville and Daytona)? I'll be up to meeting any of you, if you want.

This also means that in two weeks, I'll be behind on messages and such, so give me a week to catch up.
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Vacation Next Week

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  • If your going to be spending any time in Jacksonville (my hometown), be sure to hit up the JaxLUG guys and demand a free beer in my name. :)

  • Yo, go to that shells restaurant (in Daytona), and there may or may not be a waitress there. I can't remember her name. Anyways, when I was there in like, 98? she was really cool and hooked us up with some underground parties. Yeah. I threw out her number, which I sure doesn't work anymore anyway. But uhm, yeah. I think she had blond hair.
  • I'm off for a few days next week to go to a ski camp at Whistler. I'm expecting to be double the age of most of the campers (they keep sending me all these notices to give to my parents) but it should be fun. I wish I'd bitten the bullet and decided to spend more for a full week.

    I do need it. Work is getting increasingly frustrating and ego-crushing, the recent job interviews I've had didn't pan out...I definitely need some distraction, although I'd much rather be celebrating a new opportunity than looking

  • Be sure to bring your rain coat. The 7 day forecast [weather.com] looks wet.

    NASCAR Fan? You'll miss the Pepsi 400 [daytona500.com] by a week. I hear Daytona USA [daytonausa.com] is pretty cool.

    To the north Jax Beach [jaxbeaches.com] used to be a nice quaint beach with family bungalos. Its still better than most, but is getting the high rise condos and time-shares (Damn developers).

    The Kennedy Space Center [kennedyspacecenter.com] is just south. You'll miss the next shuttle launch (Possibly April 2004).

    If you are a rich golf fan, World Golf Village [wgv.com] is north of St. Augustine on I95. If hacker

  • I dissed my chance to get off in the summer. Still got 20 days left. Oh, well....
    Have fun...
  • i'll be in florida the first week of july, go freaking figure :P oh well, everyone else i know is going down that week :)

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