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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Happy Fathers Day 7

Happy Father's Day to the Fathers on here (gm, sloth, etc...). I haven't heard from glh in a couple days, so here's HOPING he's having his first and happiest fathers day...

I'm without my son, so my second f-day isn't the best, but at least I'm spending time to (FINALLY) upgrade my server.
The reason it took so long, was because I didn't have time and motivation (at the same time) to do it. But tonight, I'll be up all night trying to get this sucker in order.

Anywho, have a happy father's day, and for those of you with pregnant wives (dayton, etc...), just remember that this time next year, you'll get to have a brand new holiday just for you :-)
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Happy Fathers Day

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  • do you use your powers for good, or for awesome?
  • 'Holiday'? I still had to cook dinner, and I had to take the boy on errands (enjoy the forthcoming terrible two's, FK). And I was out of bed at the crack of noon. Not a typical holiday. But, I did get a new camera. And I had a good excuse for not mowing the lawn.

    Shit, I haven't even gotten 'daddy's special present' yet. What's up with that?

    Time to watch Futurama with the kid. Then it's off to Baskin Robbins. Cool.
  • My kids are gone today, too, and it was kind of sad. Okay, pretty sad. But my sister came into town with her kids, so they sort of stood in. Sort of, because she has a 12-year-old stepdaughter and two sons, so it's not the same as having the girls around. But they did leave me a present, which was a Speed Racer [amazon.com] DVD. Which is awesome. :)

    So that was my day. Hope yours was good.

  • Another Hallmark inspired holiday that I don't do anything with.
    However... My In-Laws dropped by and I sent my FIL home with some homebrew.
    I got to sleep a little longer before I mowed the lawn.
    Then I got to chase after the kids to get them to clean up the playroom before they went to bed.
    Wife didn't protest too much when I tried to cop a feel right before going to work.
    So all in all a good day.
    • Another Hallmark inspired holiday that I don't do anything with.

      With all the gushing about it that's going on around here, I was starting to think I was the only one that felt that way! Fortunately, my Dad feels the same, and I have no intention of having children, so fathers day will forever be a non event in my life...

      • we pretty much ignore all the holidays.
        Our anniversary, New Years, July 4th and Thanksgiving are the only ones that get any kind of attention.
        Since the wife and I don't bother with our birthday's the kids don't either. They can do it up if they want when they get older.
  • I'm still not a father yet! :( But it can't be too much longer...

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