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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Packing and Cleaning 14

I have been packing and cleaning all morning (actually, I had to do some 'outdoor work', too). But, as I was cleaning the bathroom, a funny quote came to mind:

I want this head so clean the Virgin Mary, herself, wouldn't mind coming in here and taking a dump.

Anyone guess the movie (should be semi-easy if you've seen the movie, and if you haven't, you need to)?
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Packing and Cleaning

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  • I think it's the boot camp part of FMJ.
  • The only thing funnier than that quote were the 2,000 other DI Hartmann lines you didn't quote. ;-)

    "They're paying for it, you eat it."
    "You look like the kind of man would give another man a rim job without the common courtesy of a reach around."

    Might have to pop that in tomorrow for Father's Day.

    Have fun packing. I can't really say I envy you. Good luck getting it together. Pack your boxes with room and small (i.e. one word description).
    It will help.
  • The first thing I set my new tivo to record was all Stanley Kubrick films.
  • For years and years, the boot camp portion of that movie was the only part I had seen. It could easily stand alone as its own film. Funny thing is that I had forgotten it was Kubrick. Figures. Clockwork Orange is another fave. Totally awesome! I'm gonna have to start updating my wish list again!

    So -- you got any packing tips for me? I've got a double-wide trailer to box up by the end of the month, and a preschooler who will by dying to help. I can use all the helpful suggestions I can get!! :-)

    Good luck
  • i just watched that movie saturday. i see that was when you posted this as well, but i didn't see the message then. and now i'm once again wishing kubrik had been around to finish AI with spielberg instead of spielberg finishing by himself.

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