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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Babyless 19

(until monday)

My wife's great aunt is sick in the hospital (and 98 years old). She lives in Philly, and my inlaws were going to NYC this weekend (this morning till monday night, actually). My wife suggested that Joey go with them to let her great aunt see him one more time "just in case."

So we are without Joey until Monday night, which is good in the fact that we have to spend all weekend packing (ugh!), but, of course, sleeping at night without hearing the baby snoring in the monitor will be tough.

On the other side of life, we will be going to FL in a week from tomorrow (for a week). So we went out and bought ourselves a nice digital camera (Nikon Coolpix 3100). We took a few good pictures of Joey last night, so maybe I'll put up a couple of pictures of him for those that haven't seen him (and maybe a current picture of me, since the one in the contest was over 3 years old).

Anything exciting happening to you people?
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  • Of course, if you can't sleep, I'm sure that you and the wife can find other things to keep you occupied... ;)
    • While baby's away, mommy and daddy should play!! Seriously -- do it for me! My folks are 2500 miles away, and I never get the opportunity to send the kid away for a weekend. Just once... or twice... OK? Promise! (And that will be MY exciting thing for this weekend!) *grin*

      • Isn't that what got me in this mess? ;-)
        • Ya know, I could answer that with any one of a thousand different leud, crude, and quite possibly rude jokes. Instead, I'll just let you insert your own. ;)
        • I was talking to a friend yesterday who I haven't talked to in about a year - got in contact with him when we moved here last year and he had just had his 3rd kid, his first daughter.

          So, I says to him, I says "So you've got 3 kids right? 2 boys and one girl..."

          And he says to me, he says "and one girl on the way." Quick with the math I am, and says sarcastically to him "So, when are you going in for *your* operation?"

          "The 27th" he says, serious as a heart attack. "Really?" says I, 'cause I was kidding.

        • hehe... a friend of mine refers to his kids as 'the birthcontrol advocates' and often speaks about how kids are the best thing when it comes to preventing you from having sex...
  • Anything exciting happening to you people?

    I graduate tomorrow. Is that exciting?

    Oh- BTW - if any of your family is in philly this weekend, advise them to avoid University City if they can. Parking and traffic will be nuts with the graduation ceremonies.
  • Wife & kids stayed long in Cali after my sister-in-law's wedding last weekend. In fact they'll not be back until the 24th. It's lonely, but I'm actually pretty busy, which is good. It's not busy with things that I *should* be busy with, like programming, etc. But it's good times so far.

    So, I know how you feel. But, I would *love* to have some time alone with my wife. That would really be nice.

  • We're still babyless, but for a different reason! :P The due date is coming upon us now, and my wife has a midwife appointment today at 1:30. So we'll see what the news is.... My wife has been feeling the worst this week in her entire pregnancy, but she still feels good enough to work and do stuff. So I guess that is a good thing. The baby has been moving quite a bit lately, but it's positioned pretty low so it kind of hurts her when it does move.

  • Oy. Lost another 3 precious pounds, am in the middle of the latest Doc Marathon, where i go in for 7 kinds of checkup which means ten doc visits crammed into one month. other than that, i finally have some grown-up furniture, including a sofa/futon, the REALLY comfy kind, and a table!! no more using milk crates for tables and chairs!!!!

    And that, lame as it is, is most of my news from the last month. *sigh* but i'm employed, fed, and not in jail, so life is good.

  • My wife wants to got to the "Big Ugly Warehouse", for home improvement stuff. yay... (note sarcasm)

    Actually it's not to bad, I like doing home stuff. I just hate having to use "Vacation" for work purposes. Stupid me, when I was a kid I though vacation was a time to relax, heh. I now know that vacation is for doing stuff that you don't have enough time for on the weekend.

    Last year at this time we were closing on our house. I remember the pain in arse of packing. But it is a great feeling when yo
  • but life is grand brother. Hope your home is as awesome as mine.

    have fun.
  • My wife is due with out fourth child in about a month. She is starting to feel pretty 'big' if that's a good way to put it. Plus the weather here in good 'ole central Indiana has started to turn humid so the central air is running already. You don't mess with a 8-month pregnant women and here air conditioning.....

    Oh by the way this one is another boy. That makes four!
    • My wife is due with out fourth child in about a month.

      I think you mean "My wife's/our 4th child is due in a month," otherwise, I hope it was quadruplets, cause no women should have to suffer the pain of 4 seperate pregnancies and childbirths in the span of a single month. :)

      On the other hand, it would speak wonders for you male "potency" :)


      • Yep, that's what I meant. Thanks for the correction. As you can tell the upcoming birth has gotten me all worked up already...... :)

        And if anyone is interested my current sons' ages are 11, 8, and 6. A pretty good spread if you ask me.
  • snapshot:
    sitting in the computer labs, students are talking to each other for a change as our NT file servers are offline (again this week!)
    so much for redundant backups. might have to revert to floppies if this keeps up.
    one of them also doubles as our web server, so my school page [] is dead for now.
    bored bored bored bored bored.
  • Well I got the plague.

    But then I got better.

  • so I get to assist. ;-)

    Actually, it is going well. She found new locations for two different bookcases, and they look quite nice in their new spots. The one room looks roomier, but it must just be the arrangement. My two Linux PC's are now in one of the bookcases - and it looks better that way.

    Don't know what tomorrow will bring. :-)

  • glad that was better than the worst-case scenario that popped to mind.

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