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Journal FortKnox's Journal: I've got freaks... 16

Wow, it was only a matter of time. I now have freaks (people who consider me a "foe"). At the time of this writing, its only two people. Someone I've never heard of (which doesn't bother me in the least), and Jamie, who did surprise me. I've never actually pointed any fingers at jamie, except to point at him stating that slashdot authors have unlimited mod points. I'm curious why I'm a threat, and wonder how many other authors hate me... Is it because I'm a huge J2EE fan, and always complain that mod_perl has no business in an enterprise setting? Because I always complain that any person with unlimited mod points destroys the entire concept of community moderating (it seems to me to be a bit of a 'power' problem. They don't want to let go of it and give it to the community. But that's another story)? Probably not, so I'm still curious...
On the plus side, I've gotten quite a list of fans. Almost as big as Taco's list (well, not quite, but still)...

Hehe, am I that bad? Am I the next sig11?
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I've got freaks...

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  • You've got lots o' troll accounts as friends. Some of those trolls are pretty worthless, others are just funny. The WIPO Troll is especially worthless as he simply posts kiddy porn crap that's really just not funny, whereas The Turd Report posts random crapfloods of, well, his craps. haha! Waste of bandwidth? Yeah, but they're harmless fun.

    I'm guessing Jamie put you on his 'foe' list because he views your massive following of trolls and lumps you in with the 'trolls' of slashdot. Unfortunately, even if you are trolling, you're posting intelligent sounding and/or funny stuff that is at least on topic to most of the article submissions, and therefore your posts are not worth deleting from message threads. Some of the more vicious slashdot 'editors' also probably don't like your frequent journal useage and underground troll following as it is organizing the subset of users who believe in what slashdot was originally known for, not deleting ANYTHING. And that means not deleting posts of copyrighted material from occultic religions (CoS). Remember that shit? If they want the post deleted, go find the original AC, as the AC owned the post, per slashdot's guidelines.

    Slashdot created the moderation system so that I don't have to read through 'page lengthing posts' if I don't want to. It is quite amazing, therefore, that micheal and jamie find that system 'not good enough' and decide to randomly delete crapflooding posts. I never see that stuff when I'm reading at my default +2 level, so why should I care if it's there or not? Plus, some of those crapfloods are really funny; sometimes even funnier than the geeks posting on topic 'jokes.'

    • Yeah, I noticed a lot of trolls have me as friends (not that I can help that), but they also have Taco as a friends. Also, jamie ONLY has me as a foe, not even the worst trolls made his list, but I did...
      • Well, the guy is human, so I can't blame him for not liking you. Probably just doesn't like some of those well reasoned posts from the classic 80-some replies to the post on censorship and slashdot and how bad it is. Double standards don't fly well in court, and especially with Slashdot's fear of the CoS and pulling that AC's cut-and-paste of CoS literature, I fear that Slashdot has made their 'protection' of anonymity on their site quite difficult if seriously challenged by someone over a big time brew-ha-ha. It'll be interesting to see the 'next big thing' that happens on slashdot where they are in trouble with the press or a company for some libelous story or comment by a reader. Do you think they'll stand and fight, or back down on account of being owned by VA?
        • I should clarify one thing: It's not right for an AC to be posting CoS' literature without consent when they're simply trying to 'give it out for free,' but slashdot should not have removed the comment per their own rules. Give the AC's IP to the authorities and let the courts decide, MAYBE. Slashdot's got their policy, CoS and copyright have theirs. Let the courts decide who is right. Too bad VA Linux is also in charge of slashdot, 'cause the company had more pull in the decision to yank the comment than slashdot did.
          • I'm sure you've read the various logs. There is no anonymity, real or imagined, on Slashdot.

            Since there is no anonymity, /. pulling the CoS post protected the AC more than keeping it up.
            • Yes, I realize that there isn't any 'anonymity' here. However, it's not Slashdot's job to protect AC's. The AC is responsible for the CoS drivel he posted without their permission, and he should be dealt with appropriately. Slashdot's motto at the bottom of every page is: "All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective owners. Comments are owned by the Poster. The Rest © 1997-2001 OSDN."

              Unfortunately, this fact seems to have not been followed in the CoS' case due to their overwhelming monetary power and threat tactics.

              You could see where the trend could potentially continue where the RIAA, if they win enough lawsuits, could basically make Slashdot continuously pull all links to mp3 warez sites because now Slashdot is taking responsibility for pulling 'illegal' comments by AC'ers. No, it's not likely to happen, but why take a stand to MS but not CoS? Seems like a double standard to me, or more going on behind the scenes than any of us know.

              • Just looking at that statement, though...

                All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective owners. Comments are owned by the Poster. The Rest © 1997-2001 OSDN.

                The AC posted something that was not an original thought, and was in fact copyrighted by the Co$. I'm no fan of that "church", but it looks like they were the owner of the posted text, not the AC, so it seems to me that /. did follow it's own guidelines. They deleted the post at the request of the owner.

                Yeah, I don't like it either especially since /. was able to stare down microsoft in the whole Kerberos thing, but I guess that situation was a bit different.

  • Am I the only one who thinks that this whole "friend/foe" thing is just a little silly? Does anyone on here *really* need an enemies list?

    To quote
    "Who are you? Mr. Bad? Sinistar []?"

    Of course, that won't stop me from building up my friends list. Utter social dysfunction will take care of that.
    • When I moderate someone up I've been adding them to my friends list. I rarely moderate anyone down so I just use the foes list for people who make useless postings. If I had a perfect memory for user names I wouldn't want to do this but as it is, it adds a little more richness to scrolling through comments.

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