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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Two identical posts 1

Look at me, I wrote two identical posts, to two seperate /. articles.

Maybe its a troll? Maybe its not. I'm just sick of the constant complaining about microsoft. Yeah, we all know they push themselves around a little too much, and have some monopolistic qualities, but god damn, do we really need to point out every little damn thing?

What really gets me is the complaining from linux zealots that haven't used anything MS for 5 years. They have no new input about the software (and haven't for 4 years). I use Win2K, WinME, and SuSE (7.2) all. I'm happy with all of them, and they all are great for a specific use (WinME is my gaming machine, and I'm a Java Programmer, so the Linux & 2K box is my programming boxes).

The only humorous bit, is that bad publicity still is publicity. Slashdot is making MS even more in the news, and even more popular. Way to do exactly the thing you don't want to /. crew!!
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Two identical posts

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  • Slashdotters know that linux is starting to feel the pinch - last year MSFT went up over 25%, while Eazel tanked, VA balked on the linux business, and in general the linux bubble popped.

    On top of the financials, its probably becoming evident to the slashdot crowd that MS OSs are evolving rather quickly, while linux really isn't going anywhere innovative. Its a fine stable OS, but apart from journalling file systems, there is very little moving in linux that has substantial novely for users (and no, rudimentary multimedia support doesn't qualify). KDE and GNOME are plodding along, but these two desktops are so hopelessly outclassed by MS and Apple desktop OSs that they will never likely be considered as serious desktop platforms for business.

    Slashdot advocates at one point were on top of the world - they were seen as the hacker vanguard of the next wave of computing. That didn't last long, so they've reverted back to whining and nitpicking about the competition, which is exactly what I once witnessed on OS/2 newsgroups once it was evident that it was going nowhere as a platform.

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