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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Show me your equipment! 8

No, not that, I mean your workstation!

Intermodal is running a similar game (like the slashdot photo contest) where we upload a pic of your workstation and we guess who you are (better turn off the monitor LG, you're anime desktops would give you away). Anywho, looks like he has it all scripted up, and Kormoc has given up some server space.

Have fun, here's the JE with the details.

I'll be participating whenever I can talk my bro to come over with his digital camera and take a pic of my desk.
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Show me your equipment!

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  • No, not that, I mean your workstation!

    I'm not into porn, so you can't see my workstation but I'll send in a pic of my computers. My computers are largely scattered around though, the largest concentration is two desks in a room w/ the router and me and the Lady's workstations, so that'll be good.
  • I'd drop a hint that mine is a bit ... on the smaller side.

    Damn, that is probably too much for a clue already. Mouth ... zippit.

  • I would have to clean off my desk for people to see them.
  • Great idea, though I have no digital cameras around...

    Haha, but methinks between the Emerson Switchboard, the Apple iBook, the Logitech recharable Phone, the window with a nice lawn/woods through it, and a slinky phone/wine bottle lamp, my desk would be the most out of place. Oh, and the padded elevated laptop holder. Yea, I like that thing (Thanks Christmas Tree Shop!).

    • Logitech rechargable mouse, I mean.

      And since it wants desk/chair, and antique mahogeny desk and dining room chair complete my setup, along with a Homer Simpson mousepad.

  • I have no idea if it worked. I drink a lot it is hard for me to remember things.
  • Can we have awards for the following:

    *most cluttered
    *most computers in single picture
    *Most geek gear besides computers (toys, Star Trek posters, etc)


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