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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Slashdot Suggestions! 28

OK, since the slashdot "Code Change" article is already full of garbage, how about we write our suggestions for code changes here, and see if we can get some authors/slashcoders to read it (its happened before).

Try to make as many suggestions as possible, and put this link (which is a link to this journal entry) into your .sigs to get as much attention as possible!

BTW - a hint for the URL. Since the .sig is limited by size including and A HREF's you put in, use 'journal.pl?op=display&id=3391&uid=169099' without the 'http://slashdot.org/' to save some space.
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Slashdot Suggestions!

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  • (this was originally sllorts idea, and its already written as a sourceforge bug/suggestion):

    Mark author moderations as such. Let us know when we've offended an author, or if an author knows we have a good post.
    If they get unlimited mod points, the only way to balance the moderation system (which is entirely unbalanced, due to the whole point of community moderation)is to restrict it by allowing users to see what is author moderated.
  • Redundant Moderation should require proof. You must point to the post that makes the moderated post redundant, and there is logic to see if that post was earlier or later (I think the whole new article numbering system is what's screwed here).

    Also, what about making Over/Underrated M2'able? It seems like a cheesy out for moderator abuse.
    • You must point to the post that makes the moderated post redundant

      But what if the post contains just what is in the /. "article" ? Technically this is not informative and is ontopic by definition - it's just repeating what has been stated. Shouldn't this be allowed to be redundant?
      • Then don't moderate it. Not all posts need moderation.
        • so if I just reply to you saying:

          OK, since the slashdot "Code Change" article is already full of garbage, how about we write our suggestions for code changes here, and see if we can get some authors/slashcoders to read it (its happened before).

          That's not something in a "post" but it is in the journal that started this whole thing, you don't find this a tad redundant?
          • Went back and reread your comment. Yes, the sort of post you mentioned is redundant. But I don't think it's worth wasting mod points on.

            Yes, what you posted is redundant, but again, not worth wasting mod points on.

            And in some ways, this entire journal article is redundant, but I don't think you should waste ANY mod points in a journal. With rare exceptions there are few enough posts to not need moderation. Kinda like the majority of threads that don't wind up on the front page.

            But you have sort of hit on an interesting point: front page moderation. I haven't been there enough, but doesn't k5 have something like this? Certainly, it would be nice to mark some of those repeat stories 'redundant'.
  • 1) It'd be nice if the system kept track of which moderator modded which posts, and could flag potential abusers. If one person has blown their last 25 mod points marking, oh, I don't know, A_Non_Moose down as a troll, they probably shouldn't be moderating any more. Even if your big thing is modding down trolls, statistics should kick in at some point and you should spread some of the love around to multiple trolls.

    2) Maybe this feature is in already and I just haven't seen it but... I'd like to get Message'd when a comment of mine that's been marked down is meta-modded as 'Unfair'. And here's a question.. what *exactly* happens when a comment is meta-modded? I've got a vague idea that moderators who have been meta-modded as 'Unfair' too many times are restricted from modding any more... but does the comment's karma level get corrected?

    3) I'll agree, I would like to know when an editor has modded my comment. I like this site - I really do. I enjoy participating in the discussions and the moderations, and I'd hate to think I'd been blacklisted because I accidentally cheesed off an editor at some point without knowing it.
    • Maybe this feature is in already and I just haven't seen it but... I'd like to get Message'd when a comment of mine that's been marked down is meta-modded as 'Unfair'.

      Bah! Shows what I know. I just noticed that there's already an option under messaging for 'Metamoderation Results' -- I've even got it set for Web already. Dammit, Slashcode, you're always one step ahead of me!
  • Can we make the negative modifiers move a comment below -1? While I've always browsed /. at -5 (thanks to the editcomm.pl hack) I really would like to move Klerck down to -6 so I don't have to see his fucking random number posts.

  • How about if a story is accepted, then the editors have the ability to provide internal /. linkage to known previous stories about the same topic in a manner both cleaner than:

    Update 17:45 GMT by J: We covered the Indianapolis story previously in July 2000, October 2000, and March 2001... [as in this story [slashdot.org]]

    And preferably standardized.

    What if at the end of the submission there is a link such as:

    Update the [link]following[link] stories.

    And the link would link to a page of similar format to the "Older Stuff" (aka Search) listing only the applicable stories. This listing would be based from stories supplied by the editor, and should the editor miss some stories (as if often pointed out in submissions) this listing could be updated by any editor as needed.

    I don't really see the need for the time-stamp-based (or which editor did what thing) update type thing to this list as it's just a list of related submissions on /. and not really any content update.
    • ok... so maybe that page idea of a search-page-like thing would be too difficult to implement quickly and with the least possibility for bugs... how about the links to past stories just get added to the Related Links secion in the view of the story?
  • How about in the search (aka older stuff*) allow someone to search just in friends/foes comments?

    * - often when I want to search /. and I'm having a brain lapse I can't find what thing it is to search and to me "older stuff" doesn't mean search...
  • I wrote a Journal entry [slashdot.org] on this. I think people should be able to take back /. comments, as long it hasn't been moderated or replied to.
  • So I can determine whether or not I should be able to M2! :-)
    • email taco. A few years ago when I was waiting to metamod, I asked him, and he told me. You aren't missing much, though. Plus I've never seen any mods of my comments overturned, even if they were completely wrong (like offtopic, when it was plainly talking about the article)...
      • You must know more about this weird M/M2 system.. For some reason it seems like I'm only able to M2, not normal M... I don't have much karma (about 20) and about 5-6 months ago I got to M, since then only M2, every day.. Sometimes I see those comments flagged as 'Funny' when they're more like insightful to me and I jump to M2'ing.. And I never actually see a comment M2:ed that'd been marked as 'Funny'.. Bug?
        My Questions:
        a) Is there something wrong getting only M2 points?
        b) Should 'Funny' M's be M2'd?
        c) What's the meaning of life? ;)

  • First one may already be in the system, but the circumstances have not come up for myself to test it:

    How about if a foe responds to a comment I made I have the option of not receiving one of those system messages about it? Since I don't like the person and have the option already to lower foe scores considerably why not more ability to ignore them?

    Second thing touches on a deep /. debate - ignoring AC comments. I know and in some cases can apreciate the AC comments, but how about adding a third option to journal (current two are allow comments or not) to exclude AC comments in our journals? Places like livejournal offer this type of feature and I've seen a few people talk about using their journals as their own /. discussion area - maybe they would like to try a /. social experiment and force no ACs. Sure, someone can just use a troll account, but with the friend/foe system foe'ing out the noise and friending up the signal just might work...
  • What /. needs is a new moderation to completely hide posts like Klerck's [slashdot.org]. If a comment is already at -1, a moderator should be able to mark it "-1, Asshole" and have it vanish completely, even if you're reading at -1. To prevent abuse, these moderations would be metamodded and other moderators would be able to see all posts, including these. This would be somewhat similar to the Trusted User "0" moderation on k5.
  • I would like to be able to access the rejected submissions, so I can go in and copy them after they are rejected. Now, I have to post before they are actually rejected, as with the Laptop modding [slashdot.org], or paste the story to a text file and copy back later (too much trouble)! I guess this won't happen though, as I think they perhaps don't like us doing it. But anyway, that's my $(1/50)
  • I think that the journal entries should be split at the first paragraph like /.'s articles are. This would allow us to do better personal blogging, since that seems to be what they want us to do here.

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