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The Matrix

Journal FortKnox's Journal: Yes, I am avoiding you 22

I am deleting and not reading any JE's about the Matrix. I won't be able to see it until tomorrow or Saturday. I haven't seen anything about it except the full trailer and the first animatrix. So if you don't see many comments from me in your JE, its cause I didn't see it.

And what's up with the matrix icons? They look like colored suppositories!
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Yes, I am avoiding you

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  • The animatrix doesn't really give anything away, it's all just filler for where the movies don't go indepth, so don't avoid them just to not spoil the move. Though I haven't actually seen M2.
  • I too am resisting the power of the Hype [].

    Actually, the icon looks more like two transparent Giant Smarties. Aaargh.... must - resist - pull - of - tuckbox !!! *grin*
  • I didn't comment though. I mean, having an idea how the movie will be is not annoying in the first place. I mean when "The Matrix" came out, about anyone already knew that The Matrix was a program before entering the theater.
    It's not going to be any different with this one. You'll get blasted all over the place with reviews/documentaries/interviews/trailers. I usually go see those long-expected movies 10 or 12 weeks after release, when everything has died down a bit. So, I'm pretty sure I will know wh
    • Well, I had no idea what the (original) matrix was. Didn't see any trailers or anything, just a buddie in school said "heard this was a sweet movie, lets go see it tonight" and it blew us away.

      And, from what I hear, this is the best sequel since "The Empire Strikes Back".
      • And, from what I hear, this is the best sequel since "The Empire Strikes Back".

        IMHO, the best sequel since Empire was Aliens.

      • It was the same for me. I hadn't heard of the Matrix until I saw it at the university theatre.
      • all i knew was that people had wierd powers and there were tons of effects. i had no idea about the ideas/story. love that movie.

        on a side note, i avoided all the hype with episode one, but was so disappointed that i tapped into some for episode two just to see if it would be equally as bad. i've given reloaded a chance, only watching some of the animatrix and the trailers.
      • Well, then a kind advice: don't read any magazines or watch any TV while you haven't seen it. I remember distinctly that it was plastered all over the place. Heck, don't read Time Magazine of last week (or two weeks ago? - I get the old ones from my dad), it gives away the whole plot (which doesn't sound that good in my opinion, I could reference another movie that has done the same but I won't)

        Never been a StarWars fan, sorry, didn't find any of those movies great. Actually, most of the time I found t

        • I have Amelie at home but haven't watched it yet. I've had it borrowed from a friend for about 5 months. I'll try to watch it soon and return it. I've heard it's good.

          And I'm staying away from Matrix stuff too. Considering that I don't see many movies in the theatre, and my wife and I wanna see the Charlie's Angels sequel, we'll probably do that one. I've still not watched the Matrix w/her yet.

          And I don't know that I've ever seen one of the Alien movies. I've seen the stomach-bursting part of the first

          • Oh! Please, please invite me when you watch Amelie! The DVD is 36Euro and that's just not in my budget, and I'd love to see it again. Want to show it to Spirit00 too. She saw Chocolat and she loved it...

            With you two I still have hope in Americans ;-)

            • I tend to like more films that are "art house" type films than mainstream. Well, I guess I should say I'm drawn to them more. I'd like to see Chocolat, I want to see Akira Kurosawa's films, things like that. Then again, I like Ferris Beuller's Day Off and Weird Science, too, so there may not be much hope for me. ;)
              • Hehe... To my shame I must admit that I liked "Ferris Bueller's Day off". Of course, I saw that movie while in highschool, so I'll use that as an excuse.
                It's not that I don't like comedy, just not the kind that is very low. Never saw "Weird Science", never even heard of it.
                Try watching Rosetta [] if you get a chance. I believe it got a "Palme d'Or" in Cannes. Be warned however, it's a movie about poverty. Besides, Émilie Dequenne is a real cutie. She's even better in "Pacte Des Loups", but tha
        • Have you seen Tous Les Matins du Monde []? I saw in in the cinema ten years ago and the images (and sounds) still come to me on occasion.
  • You may enjoy this comic []. Then again, you may not. :)
  • just to let you know, it blew my mind. my je doesnt give away anything, so it's ok to read it. yeah, you realize how much it takes to blow my mind, so you know it's gotta be good :)
  • Hey, I wasted a lot of time on my Matrix entry. You could at least read it AFTER you've seen it. :)

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