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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The Contest Results 92

Well, between my son's birthday, my son's illness (double ear infection + a severe cold), plus my illness, plus my work's issues with the internet connectivity, my schedule has been about 5 days off. Anyway, here's the quick list (I'll fix the main page later). BTW - Heliocentric is about to be famous. His 'licking' picture is going to be on as a photoshop topic. I think they are pointing to kormoc's server (I already told Drew not to point to, but they, apparently, weren't using that one).
  1. Liora
  2. eugene ts wong - I tried to throw people off on this one.
  3. Some Woman
  4. wheany - Dude, you are gonna get assaulted by girls in email (lucky bastard) ;-)
  5. asv108
  6. Heliocentric - this is the picture that will be used on
  7. Daoine - What's the little 'easter egg'? I met Daoine by talking about her 'Favorite James Bond' list. She was pick '007.' (and probably my pick for best looking female if someone forced me to pick one, but honestly, all the females in the 'journal ring' are good looking)
  8. SamTheButcher
  9. jawtheshark
  10. bmetzler
  11. glh
  12. keithrussel
  13. siliconvortex
  14. mekkab
  15. intermodal
  16. oculus habent
  17. servo
  18. fortknox - FYI - this was a pic from over three years ago (not married in the picture). The only newer pictures have my wife or joey in them, so they are dead give-aways. I'll post a couple newer ones if anyone is interested (prolly not. I didn't even make any 'hot guy' lists) ;-)
  19. arb
  20. norwoodites - I thought the "University of Cincinnati" shirt woulda given him away...
  21. xerithane
  22. gmhowell
  23. Magnetar Jones
  24. leviramsey
  25. SlashChick
  26. MrsVR
  27. CyranoVR
  28. aridhol
  29. spirit00
  30. llamalicious
  31. kormoc
  32. subgeek
  33. Galvatron
  34. jeffy124
  35. limpdawg
  36. red5
  37. technolust - This SHOULDA been a dead give-away (come on, he just posted it a few days earlier!)
  38. AntiFreeze
  39. LadyGuardian - Nice use of a baggy hoodie to try not to give yourself away (but everyone still got it)
  40. handsomepete
  41. KshGoddess
  42. daeley
  43. and0meda
  44. (H)elix1

Well, if you have extra picks or whatever, feel free to email them to me, and I'll put them up (but you have to link to them). I dunno who had the best guesses or anything, someone else will end up tallying them, though ;-)

So this was a blast (well, I wish I coulda played too, but that's my only complaint). Any ideas on something similar we could do?

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The Contest Results

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  • FK, you did a great job with this. The suspense was killing me:)
  • You're my brother-in-law's identical twin!

    /me scrambles to find on an on-line picture of him to link...

  • match pet to username?
    • then you'll end up with 50% pics of animals and 50% pics of computers with this crowd.
      • How Dare you insult my lov^H^H^Hcomputers by calling them animals! they're people too! they have feelings (like not booting up sometimes, or crashing when I'm about to increase my win/loss ratio on too!
        Appologize to Dawn and Electra Right now (they're the most tempermental.)
        eheh, okay i'm not really mad, it was just i'd never consider my PCs pets... they're much more than that..oO("Honey, I'm home!" Wirrrrrr Wirrr Grind! "Aww I love you too sweetheart" wirrrrrrrr)
  • i only got 9 correct. the only consolation is that i purposefully voted for myself incorrectly and that i seem to have switched several people (like KshGoddess and Spirit00, (H)elix and andr0meda). it also makes me feel better that nobody guessed me correctly. honestly, if i only knew myself from my slashdot postings, it would be hard for me to imagine myself looking like any of the guesses, though. strange that people seemed to think i looked like the skull crackers that are magnetar and siliconvortex.
    • i'm super stupid. i mean it would NOT be difficult for me to imagine myself looking like any of the guesses people made. i thought the guesses people made were pretty good, and i took them as compliments.
  • This helped kill so much time at the airport. (grin) Now to check how I did...
  • I got 8 :)

    I'm sure others did a lot better :)
    • How's your server doing with the TotalFark'ing? You'll get the brunt of the hits on May 18th... but you should have gotten several hundred by now.
      • Why should mine get any hits? It points to the jpg, not the contest, right?
        • I was responding to kormoc ;-). I don't think yours will get any hits unless people:
          1. See the kormoc image on fark.
          2. Remove the image name from the URL to see the kormoc mirror site.
          3. Click the link to see the slashdot journal entry.
          4. Then click the link to get to your personal site.
          I think you're safe.
      • 408 as of now :)
        I think it will live, we shall see
    • can handle a farking (like a slashdotting, only very slightly less... like a few grand a minute)? That's where the fark link is pointed to...
      • It should and I want to see it in action :)
        It's off of a shared t3, but it is a static page on a p3. The line should be able to handle a lot before it dies.
    • btw I think my server can handle it, so it's all good. I want the server to take a beating :)
      • Man, I should also explain about my pic, at 1 am, just finished watching a movie, so we are in the movie theater and it's getting dark, and I needed the pic taken, so my friend with his clie (1 mega picture cam) takes my picture when I wasn't ready, and that's the picture I used :)

        The rest were worst. And I left up the pics on my site so you all look and see my long hair that I cut and would guess wrong, but not everyone was fooled :)
  • I think that's a fair number! Especially considering that of the ones I got right, 3 were complete guesses. (Of course, that's not a great record... all of the other 33 were guesses too....)

    And Xerithane, seriously, I am sorry that I happened to recognize the sunlight in Oregon or something, but I did. It was really weird. I just KNEW that pic was taken in Oregon. It may well be a parking garage I was in when I was little or something... it's not somewhere in Portland near that really big bookstore is
    • Congrats, you and eugene ts wong were the only two that guessed me correctly.
      • I sort of had an edge over most people... Remember when you got your car? Well you had a pic (admittedly bad pic) of you with your car somewhere there in the photo series, and I mostly remembered what it looked like.
    • I got a quite remarkable 13. Obviously with some assistance from various comments in the original HOF entry. I'm kicking myself that I didn't get Xerithane, who in retrospect looks pretty close to my mental image of him. I initially tried to see who (particularly for the females, as there were less of them) had commented on all but one picture to see if they were omitting themselves. Which obviously didn't work, even if I didn't fall for your sneaky attempt [] to throw people off the scent. I was quite please
      • glh to (H)elix1... that's not a bad one. Both are pics of decent looking guys with round, happy sorts of faces. That's not too bad.

        Yeah... that was pretty sneaky, I admit.

        I didn't look at the original HOF entry at all when I picked. I thought we weren't supposed to. I would have gotten a lot more of them correct if I'd been paying attention to that. For instance, 003 being Some Woman, because she posted a pic of her face once, and it's the same mostly, which I now note, as someone pointed out in the
      • I'm kicking myself that I didn't get Xerithane, who in retrospect looks pretty close to my mental image of him.

        I do not wear pink, in your mental image or otherwise. Excuse me, I have to go shopping now.

        (PS, check my journal for the explanation of the pink shirt and gun)
  • wheany - Dude, you are gonna get assaulted by girls in email

    I already am. Some quotes: "I love getting naked for my new webcam", "I want to show you how hot i look in pink", "Check out my new underwear, I just got them today", "When can we get together?"

    And those are just the subjects. Imagine the message bodies.
    • Those chicks know me too... along with "Need to be 'bigger'?" and "herbal substitute to grow larger breasts!" (I think their target audience is off on that one) ;-)
    • I got the 'remember me from' (I've Never had a account ever) e-mail trying to get me to 'her' pornsite.
      yeah right, just for me, and 20 billion other e-mail addresses...
  • If you consider that I got myself right, I just switched the guesses for myself and keithrussel so as to not be too obvious. :)
  • ...who found a photo archive [] of me that I had forgotten existed! I pulled the one down for the contest, but I'd forgotten about Paul's website [], and in particular his webcam archive! :)

    And FortKnox, I said you were one of the better-looking guys [], so you can stop your whining. :P Cute reply, BTW, what with the lowercase letters and stuff. But you didn't fool us! ;)

    Also, I actually made the connection between "norwoodites" and the UC shirt, but I forgot to post it... I suppose I'm probably one of
    • I suppose I'm probably one of the only people on here familiar enough with Cincinnati to have figured that out, since I lived near there for 18 years

      Where did you live?
      Ever visit?

      Those webcam pics are spooky (you look just like my sister in one of those). Other than that though, I can return the compliment on good looks :-)
      • LOL! Do you not remember me, or what? I messaged you on AIM a long, long time ago and mentioned that I was going to be back there and whether we could go grab a cup of coffee or something... you probably thought I was trying to score with a married man! ;)

        Anyway, yes, I'm back there fairly often (2-3 times a year) to visit my family because they still live there... I'll drop you a line next time I head back (probably July or August) and we can go out for that long-anticipated cup of coffee. And no, I won't
    • i actually found you through the google image search. the picture it returns [] took away any need for me to guess. i can't view the page, but google still has the image. i thought about using google some more, but it was really cheating so i didn't.
    • a photo archive of me

      From looking at those pictures, I'm in love...

      ...with the feline[1]. Mostly because the markings remind me of my own very much missed cat, who had the same white bib and split black/fawn face.

      [1] Not that you're not attractive in your own right, of course :-) But I'm attached enough for now, and I've never yet met any humans that can hold a candle to a cat. All I need is to save up for a sex change, and then I can fulfil my lifelong ambition of becoming the mad old cat lady down t

    • yeah, I only made one guess without doing detective work on it, and that one was so totally wrong I won't even mention it again.
      Some people call that cheating, but whatever.
      I also got my 'mod' points that I was talking about getting, but alas I've already spent 4 and you can't talk and use points in the same discussion.
  • I managed to get 19 right [] somehow.. Anyone do better?
  • but I'm too lazy to go back and see if someone did.
    Anyway, that picture was a quick one done with a digital camcorder. It didn't record the first time (You have to have it recording to use the photo button) so Some Woman's commentary was completely accurate. The camcorder gave much worse quality than I expected unfortunately. Anyway if you want to see what I actually look like I moved a picture over here. [] Click on the link in the middle that says pictures.
  • SamTheButcher: I've never seen such an appropriate nick for a picture.

  • Not including myself, of course...

    And I guessed my darling #4 wrong. Will you ever forgive me, wheany?

    Shit, now I gotta go back and look at who I said was hot and figure out who it was...and banky, I'm expecting my ring express mail. :)

  • Daoine, are you marrying Banky or not?
  • That was a lot of fun! What's next guys? ;-)
  • I got 14 right, but that was some I knew, some good guesses, and some "cheating" by seeing other pics on the internet, etc.

    Ray Romano? Ron Livingston? Ted McGinley? :) And for red5, who said "Em is like 28 this guy is WAY yonger than that.", thanks. When I took these pics, I was 31. :)

    I'll say that I still think of 40 as mekkab. For some reason, that pic looks like one down dude. So, FWIW handsomepete, you look like a dude I'd like to hang out with. Mutton and all. :) Because I know hanging w/mekkab wou

    • Okay, the other pics of me are here []. I'll probably take them down soon. Some are big (over 100k), soooo...not for the bandwidth challenged.

      You have no idea how long it took me to pull these together. I have almost no pictures of me.

      Oh, and another funny thing, my favorite number is 8, and it really surprised me to see that I was picture 8.

    • I still think Magnetar Jones (#23) could kick my ass from here to Tuesday.

      Yeah, when I got his picture, my first thought was crap, I hope I never insulted him (and now I never will) ;-)
  • I have a digital picture of me now. Does anyone want to guess who it is?
  • I got 9 correct outright, counting the duplicate limpdawg I listed for myself. I also had two pairs reversed. The rest just proved that picking at random was a poor technique.

    BTW, CyranoVR: Was there something about my picture that suggested "internet transvestite perv", or was I just your least likely candidate? :-) Like I said in my anonymous response, "I'd come up with a more plausible backstory. All that, and [LadyGuardian]'s an ex-hockey player? You can't make that stuff up!"

    • CyranoVR: Was there something about my picture that suggested "internet transvestite perv", or was I just your least likely candidate? :-)

      That jovial grin on your face...I dunno. I thought it would be funny for people to click through to such a happy looking dude - sorta like "you"(e.g. "LG") were saying "gotcha!"

      For the record, if any of the pictures suggested "internet transvestite perv" - it's a close call - but I would have to go with this one [] (with apologies to kormoc).
  • Just kidding, but whatever. The truth is that I am surprised that anybody guessed me wrong @ all. I honestly thought that it would be too obvious once the 1st batch of pictures went up.

    I think that I only guessed about 5-10 correctly, not including Technolust, FortKnox. I'm disappointed to think that even though I already saw pictures of subgeek, I still guessed him incorrectly.

    Thanks to everybody who played. It was really fun guessing, plus, it is good to be able to put faces to names.
  • In addition to my Honorable mention for Hygiene [] I would like to nominate myself for the Freshest, sexiest man alive.

    Thank you.
  • I think I got at least 9 right, but I haven't sat down and counted.

    Also, i have another picture [] that hopefully dispels the "convict on the run" appearance.
    • My final Count: 13 correct. We're graded on a curve, right?

      I had:
      5 which I was pretty sure.
      6 which I was sure.
      2 which using some of kormoc's guesses panned out.

      This was genuinely fun, and the attempt at getting into the hall of fame, though futile, was a great experience.
    • It's incredible it's the same guy!
      Well, on the other hand lots of people thought I was the "convict on the run". I actually wonder why, but hey, who cares ;-)
  • ...compared to others. I have 10 right, including myself, Spirit00 and andr0meda, which I all know in real life.
    Guess betting on Mother Fortuna wasn't the best thing to do, though she picked 2 right ;-)
    If I had done a bit more reseach, I could have done better. Oh, well, lazy me...

    Sorry for the late reply...

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