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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The FULL List of Contestants

Welp, looks like we have 44 total contestants! WOW!
I'll put up a list in alphabetical order (of slashdot ids), so nothing fancy (I originally posted the pictures in order of size (smallest to largest)), so no way of relating the two lists exist.

Now, I have an extra 18 new threads to start, and its 11:30pm on my wife's birthday. Could someone else take the honors of posting a new threat with a link to each new pic (goto http://www.marotti.com/slashdot for the full list with thumbnails that point to the pictures for the links)? We do have a couple extra that I threw in of some people that have already been posted for extra affect.

Anyway, here's your list:
  • andr0meda
  • AntiFreeze
  • arb
  • aridhol
  • asv108
  • bmetzler
  • CyranoVR
  • daeley
  • daoine
  • eugene ts wong
  • fortknox
  • Galvatron
  • glh
  • gmhowell
  • handsomepete
  • heliocentric
  • (H)elix1
  • intermodal
  • jawtheshark
  • jeffy124
  • keithrussel
  • kormoc
  • KshGoddess
  • LadyGuardian
  • leviramsey
  • limpdawg
  • liora
  • llamalicious
  • Magnetar Jones
  • mekkab
  • MrsVR
  • norwoodites
  • oculus habent
  • red5
  • samthebutcher
  • servo
  • siliconvortex
  • SlashChick
  • some woman
  • spirit00
  • subgeek
  • technolust
  • wheany
  • xerithane

Have fun. I'll give you all a day or two to figure out your final guesses. I'll open up one more JE with comments enabled for your last guess on each pic (you can only post once, so make sure you are sure of your choices). Then I'll post the link.


countdown timer almost there!

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