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Calling All Geek Cooks!

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  • by Em Emalb ( 452530 )
    text here. Yeah, I saw the show once or twice.

    I prefer to do stuff on my own though. I learn through my mistakes--and I eat them.

    Sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes bad.

    I don't have time to do the rest.

  • While I will admit to brining the turkey this Thanksgiving, and enjoying the show, I don't make a ton of his recipies. I did make his curry chicken pot pie, and it's become a monthly (or so) routine -- just without the curry. ick. I do, however, put cayenne, ground mustard, garlic, and lots of black pepper in it. The curry's just *too much*.

    I watch it on Wednesdays, if I remember, and on the weekend if it's on and we're in. I *did* buy the book for my husband for Christmas, and we've been rather pleased wi

    • His mousse is a monthly thing in our house. However, my wife doesn't like the coffee/rum flavoring, so we mess with the recipe a bit. Tried it with pureed strawberries and amaretto. YUM!

      I did the cake, which was not worth it (tastes identical to a box-made cake). The ribroast was good, and the burger of the gods was great. But the mushroom dish he did was spectacular.
  • ..."I'm Just Here for the Food" [amazon.com] and it was the first (and so far only) season pass I've set up with TiVo (my wife has set up quite a few...). Actually, was the first show recorded on the TiVo! I love me some AB. But the code was a little long in the tooth.
  • I like the show a lot (you wouldn't say alittle!) and I have learned a thing or two from him,

    but I just don't watch enough tv to see him regularly.

    P.S.- Cod kinda sucks. It doesn't have too much flavor on its own. And now my house smells like fish. Stick with Tialapa.
  • GE+++ AB+ W+ MB PM++ SC+ MFC+++ DD++ CR CH e+ sc+++ pt++ rec>+ tg? tf+ FP FTV? YC? YG?

    Pretty funny. I'm sure I'll be watching AB a lot more now that I've got my new Tivo-Like-Device from Time Warner to record all my shows!

  • I've seen the show a few times, and I like when I get to catch it, as I can learn quite a bit about a food along with ideas on how to cook it. I was really happy to see the one about Tuna, as I love seared Tuna. Haven't had a chance to make the recipe, yet.

    But it doesn't seem to be THAT big of a deal as a show - why all the following and excitement about the show? Is there something about the show that appeals particularly well to geekkind or something?

    Me, I personally prefer Cooking School Stories - bu

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