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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Photo Contest 21

You still have time! Go ahead and email me the pic, and you will be added (don't forget to put your /. id in the email!).

Tonight I will add the (about 10) pics I have up. I'll use Xerithane's idea to put a new thread of each photo I put up. It will be a general "pic 1 (link), who am I?" And I will keep adding people throughout the weekend (so make sure you keep checking the JE with the contest that I'll post in the near future).

The second round I'll stop accepting pictures, and will give everyone a list of who all is up and that will narrow down the selection and you get to guess again.

Then I'll reveal the answers a day or so later.

So send in your pic if you want to be a part of the fun (unless you already sent me one)!

BTW - I'm no good at image processing, so I am not the person to ask for to crop or mask a pick. Sorry, I'm just no good at it.

Update: I may hold off from putting up the girls images until I get a couple more... We'll see what the total is when I get home tonight.
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Photo Contest

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  • Wasn't my idea.. (Score:3, Informative)

    by Xerithane ( 13482 ) < minus cat> on Friday May 02, 2003 @01:04PM (#5863040) Homepage Journal
    I'm giving credit to the AC who said it - I just reposted it because I didn't think enough people would read it.
  • I may hold off from putting up the girls images until I get a couple more

    Now I think I see what the real purpose of this whole charade is. A cheap dating service for FK.

    • Nononono! They all sent him bikini-pics and he doens't want to share! ;-))
    • Granted, the pics I have are of cute girls, but, alas, I'm happily married (I was going through them and had to explain to my wife why women are sending me pictures). :-)
      • Oooo..that's gotta be a tough one. I'd like to think I would've done a preemptive strike and told my wife about it and showed her all the people I'm talking to here. She hears about it enough.... :)
        • Our computer is in the middle of the family room (another reason why we need a house), so she figured it was something like that if I was bold enough to go through them all in front of her. I just showed her all the JE and stuff, and she bought it...err... she believed me ;-)
      • Granted, the pics I have are of cute girls

        Finally the myth that all geek-girls are fat-ugly-bitches can be disproven! Damn... now that I finally have a (non-geek) girlfriend :-P

        • Finally the myth that all geek-girls are fat-ugly-bitches can be disproven! Damn... now that I finally have a (non-geek) girlfriend :-P

          Ohhh, well then, if that'd be the case that can change as well you know. :-P

          • Does that mean that you are going to become a geek? ;-)

            LOL... when I read jaw's article I thought "is he forgetting that spirit00 reads this journal?"

            Hey... get back at him and email your pic to be in the /. photo contest.

            I dunno how it will get back at him, but we need more female entries.... ;-)
            • Hehe, no... I have this strange policy of speaking my mind. I know she's going to read what I write, but she knows me well enough I think to judge whether I am serious or not.

              I wouldn't trade my Spirit00 for any geek girl out there. Oh, and she is alread a Geek In Training. She converted to Mozilla, how cool is that?

              (Sidenote: she also reads Corporate Troll's comments and journal entries... If I'm going to get in trouble, it's because of CT)

              • Go, Spirit! Now, if we can just get her to use Safari....

                Hey, wait. That's how you could use the Apple iTunes music store. Steve said you can share it with other computers! You'll just have to tell her what songs you want, which is difficult without seeing the iTunes. Doesn't Apple have some sort of remote control, that you could use on her computer (well, I'm assuming she'll have to get a Mac first), use iTunes, browse & buy, then have her share them with you!

                If I'm going to get in trouble, it's be

                • I already tried to talk her into a Mac. She used my iBook while she was here and I didn't get much complains (actually none). She still has an account on the iBook and obviously on (internal name "mako").

                  She just upgraded her old computer (a P-II, very sufficient for her needs). Heck, she installed the RAM herself! Perhaps she's not a self-proclaimed geek as I am, but she surely is my kind of girl.

                  I already though of asking her to be my billing address, but somehow I'd need to pay he

                  • Ah, I forgot about the Jaguar requirement. Luckily, my dad has a G4 and my sister has one of the old (shape, not timeframe) iMacs, so I can talk him into upgrades, which he then shares with his loving kids. :)

                    International transfers-shmansfers. Buy her dinner when she's in town next. ;) Of course, by that time, it may be available in the EU. :( (frown for not seeing Spirit00 until then)

                    • I have a copy of Jaguar... Just not the guts to trash my current installation (the iBook is my main desktop) until I install the Dual correctly. (I should take time...yes...yes...)

                      I did buy her dinner many times, and will do so in the future. I love going to the restaurant with her, and I even put on a suit to please her! Apart from that: I have no clue when I'll see her next time. She is unable to tell me when she'll be free. That's annoying because I need to book flights to the US, reserve my days

                    • It might even be the case that I won't see her till next year. :-(

                      In the words of Kyle (or is it Stan?) from South Park [] (which you may not even know what I'm talking about), "That sucks, dude."

            • Hey... get back at him and email your pic to be in the /. photo contest.

              Sorry, for the second post... I was a bit trigger happy. Anyways, she cannot get back to me that way. I would be extremely proud to show her off, but she doesn't let me. I already asked if I could post a very cute picture of us at the Nigara Falls (one she sent me enlarged for Valentine's day), but she doesn't want that. Probably an inherent distrust in all these weirdo's on slashdot ;-)
              Strangely enough she used to have a webs

          • Yeah, I know... Yet, I don't really think either of us wants that. Well, I can only speak for myself of course.
  • remember to get my pic in tonight...!

    me = slow!
  • I assume you will post a JE stating where we can look at (read: laugh) our fellow slashdotters... but just in case everyone else is clued in and I'm not...

    uhm, where are things getting posted? ;)

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