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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Post Anonymously 28

So the past week has shown no icons for stories (but the reinstated them for journals) and no AC posts for users with a login.

No icons on frontpage: I can understand this. Really cuts bandwidth for people that just view the frontpage.
Turning off anonymous posting: I'm not a big AC poster, but I can see where many people may be offended (I guess you can always log off to post anonymously).
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  • I can post anonymously in my journal, though? Funky! Maybe its front page only??
    • All the icons seem to be back now. This article [] seems to have 4 icons.

      I was able to post anonymously within stories before today.

      • Yes, when you click on "Comments" or "Read More" you see the icons, but on the frontpage [], you'll see that the only icons are on the banner above all the stories.
        • Hmmm, using Beonex (a Mozilla based browser) I get to see icons at the top of the page and inlined with the story blurbs.

          But with IE (both from a win2k box), I only see them at the top of the page.

          Note, the theory that this was done to save bandwidth is incorrect. If the icons are loaded at the top of the screen, then they don't get downloaded a second time to be shown with the blurb. That is what the client side browser cache is for.

          I fault the launching of the site with the creation
    • I think they're just mucking around. /my/amigos is back after a few-day hiatus, and I can see icons again in JE's. They're just not telling anyone what they're doing. In other words, par for the course.
      • This is STUPID. Putting in changes directly to the production server before any significant user testing can be done. Its a very amateur development lifecycle.
        • Oh, I'm not disagreeing. I'm just saying it's how things seem to be done. I guess I'm just sorry to see you get so upset about it. It's annoying and a broken way of doing things, but nothing you or I say will have any appreciable change, so....

          I just let it roll and if it gets fixed, great. If not, I just wait a little longer. :) Like I said, I'm just glad /my/amigos is back - it's a pain to keep looking at my "friends" list to see if any new JE's have been posted.

          • I never used amigos... always read JE's when I see them in my message queue.
            • never used amigos... always read JE's when I see them in my message queue.

              You should give amigos [] a try. It lets you read the last ten journal entries from your friends without having to load seperate pages. It's also handy for checking for new comments to those journal threads - something you don't get (and what I most missed when amigos was down) from the 'Your Messages' page.

              • Roger that. And since I'm at work, and I don't get my samthebutcher(dot)com e-mail here, it's an easy way to see what's new and new comments.

                It's obvious that I need a job that can hold my attention/interest longer....

        • Its a very amateur development lifecycle.

          Damn straight! If any of my Developers tried this more than once, they'd get the opportunity to do it at another company.

          Even though---especially because---this is a "free" very popular site the rules need to apply doubly so. It is a good thing VA Linux doesn't care about quality, because ex-/. developers would find getting a job in the glutted market difficult. As a hiring manager, I can hold out for someone who can both code and follow best practices.

  • Maybe this isn't intentional. I don't know; I'm not even a programmer, let alone someone who works here. I'm just a member of the Great International Tech Writer Conspiracy with a little naive optimism: These things probably aren't happening to make anybody's life miserable. But I could be wrong.
  • by daoine ( 123140 ) *
    I'm seeing cute little icons on my front page...

    I can also post anonymously, although it looks like only in journals.

  • That's why I have this account :-)

    I can be as trollish, controversial, and mean as much as I want. Strangely enough, even on this account I have karma "Excellent". I've got a bit more freaks than with JTS, but even as JTS I got some freaks. I always wonder what I did to when someone marks me Foe. Oh, well... Who cares anyway.

  • I can post anonymously anywhere without logout, and I see all the normal icons on the front page. And I haven't noticed anything change at all during the past weeks.

    Am I just not following what people are talking about here?
  • I just posted anonymous [] from the front page.

    IE6, Windows XP

    But in JE the reply button has been wrapped to a new line because of the user information box (that you apparently can't turn off) This should never happen at 1024x768 resolution.... do they want me in 1280x960?
  • I'm gonna be a daddy []

    Carry on... Carry on...
  • i have noticed it particularly on Michael's posts, though most people openly flame him anyhow...
  • It seems completely random, I emailed CmdrTaco and he had no clue. Although on this thread I get the checkbox.

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