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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Games Section is Buzzing! 22

The games section of Slashdot is up and running.
And I mean RUNNING.

They seem to have more articles up than the frontpage has. And a lot of them are quite interesting. Funny how there isn't many comments (and no trolling at all).

I'm not a big commenter on the front page (except when bored at work and nothing else better to do), but I think I'll be a regular reader of the games section...
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Games Section is Buzzing!

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  • No fucking wonder there aren't any comments... that sight is glaring and ugly. My retinas are still recoiling, and I have blood all over my hands... I can't see the keyboard, partly because my eyes are shot and partly because of the blood that is pouring out of them.

    I would have been a happy guy had I never seen a layout that looked like that.
  • it's HIDEOUS!

    To think that people complained that Virtual Boy was bad for your eyes -- they had no idea the horror that lay ahead. So I am being a little melodramatic and the colour does fade a little after staring at it long enough, but I felt that it needed to be said.
    • Well, your description is a lot less gory than Xer's, so I'll respond to you ;-)

      Honestly, I don't think its much worse than (the rest of) slashdot's design. Sure the colors are uglier than the 'circuit board green,' but the whole site needs an overhaul.
      • Honestly, I don't think its much worse than (the rest of) slashdot's design. Sure the colors are uglier than the 'circuit board green,' but the whole site needs an overhaul.

        I agree with the last part of that statement (graphically and otherwise), but I do believe that the game section has set a new low. They could have done a cool design/colour scheme to match a system, but then they would be accused of playing favourites. Instead, they tweak the PS2s colours and make them horrible. Why, oh why? Anyway,
      • Oh my god it's evil. Purple, or Indigo, or whatever, with the light gradations going across the MIDDLE OF THE TEXT... it's a good thing that the human mind can fill in 'missing' parts of pictures. While the articles may be more interesting, I don't know that I can look at that screen long enough to read the article summary before cringing.

      • Sure the colors are uglier than the 'circuit board green,' but the whole site needs an overhaul.

        Man, I ran a slash based site for almost two years and never liked the base design. For programmers and webheads its ok as most everything is where you can find it on every page but it sure looks cluttered no matter what. Non programmers and non webheads never really got it as far as the usability of the site. I used to get emails all the time from folks asking for help on easy shit(read:handholding) that just
    • Am I the only one? For me slashdot's bizarre retina-straining colors are all part of the fun. Why not have a mad, mad colo[u]r for the supposedly mad, mad Games section? It will become as much a part of slashdot lore as *BSD Is Dying and the baby-poo YRO section - which, to my eyes anyway, is part of the point. Want simple and attractive web design? Read K5.
    • i wrote taco an email about possibly switching to a black background. i think that shade of purple would be just fine if there weren't so much white. he wrote back that they have to use white backgrounds because all of the icons are anti-aliased against white and they don't want to re-do them all. i can see his point, but it is rough on the retinas.
  • AICN launched a games site a few weeks ago that appears to be Slash based. I wonder if this new section is a reaction to that. Too bad all of AIC isn't Slash based, as it is it really sucks. Most of the time pages won't even load for me.
  • Kay.

    Like Xerithane and LadyGuardian said, it's a little harsh on the eyes... They should have gone with a subtle grey and or blue scheme. Anyhow, the articles are a lot more interesting than many of the front page ones...
  • Hey, you should really put up a warning on that article, somebody may sue you for eye damage ;).


    * Mary-Kate and Ashley Girls Night Out
    • pudge:

      • * Mary-Kate and Ashley Girls Night Out

      I just saw that, and was coming back to post something about it. Right underneath that, he list's Madden 2003, and GTA: Vice City... I'm thinking maybe he's a little schizo...

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