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Journal FortKnox's Journal: John Doe 16

Please Please Please tell me one of you is a big "John Doe" fan.

If so, did you see the season finale tonight?

What did you think?

No one in my family (save my mother-in-law) watches the show, so I have no one to talk to about it.
And the ending of the season finale... Wow... it kicked ASS!
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John Doe

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  • Too busy watching CSI, American Chopper reruns, and getting to Tokyo on Tony Hawk 3. :)
  • too busy these days with tech work/job hunting/M*A*S*H reruns
  • I really like John Doe, though I don't get to watch it every week. Lately I've been catching it.. I thought it was kind of hoakey with the psychic stuff. But, it was cool nonetheless. Also, I was super suprised to see who the guy wearing the cap was. Why did he look down at John Doe when he was trying to get away? That was pretty strange.

    And the staff at the Vatican.. I remember an episode earlier where they sort of hinted that's where it was, so that was no big suprise.

    Definitely leaves a lot of open en
  • Ya know, I really want to give the premise a shot, even though it is a little too "Pretender" for me. But it seems like every week they go over the edge with the nonsense. Like a couple of weeks ago during one of their computer-centric episodes, we have the bartender open the panel on a computer, remove a chip, put it back in, and then announce to the room that he "rebooted the core dump." I mean, holy hell in a handbasket.

    But no, haven't watched the finale yet. I shall, now. Sounds good.

  • If anyone has a rip of it, let me know. Due to season pass nonsense, Tivo recorded CSI (normally not on Friday night, I don't think) instead. I've actually followed this show all season, I'd hate to give up now.
  • John Doe? (Score:3, Funny)

    by ralico ( 446325 ) on Saturday April 26, 2003 @03:30PM (#5815858) Homepage Journal
    I have heard of this thing you call "tv".
    What is the url?
  • Totally didn't expect Digger to be there.
    the wife and I thought it would be some sort of Doe clone.
    Catching Trenchcoat was cool though, although I wonder why he went back to the cannery. on purpose?
    With Digger being in on this it makes me wonder about them killing Karen off. The character really wasn't that important except for maybe in this context.
    Anyway I thought it kicked azz too.
    Now if they had kept Firefly on the air...
    • You probably should have spoiler-warning'ed that. But anyhoo, yeah, I totally didn't see THAT one coming. I was expecting it to be a JD clone, like somebody said. Explains (perhaps) some of the worst coincidences of the show... like the guy the hero meets in a bar and befriends just happens to be an ex-black ops type, I guess... no, no it doesn't. So they set up the head of phoenix as a bar owner, somehow having determined EXACTLY where JD would end up on the first night in civilization so that he could off
  • Here's my initial thought -- I want all of their shows to tie into the whole Phoenix story line in some way. The ones that I've thought sucked the worst (such as the "rebooted the core dump" one) seem to be one-offs.

    This was good stuff. Tied in a whole bunch of story lines in a consistent manner. Was dark and violent without being gratuitous and gruesome. I personally like it when a good guy is willing to torture the bad guy a little bit (see '24'). And that revelation about deafmute guy (not spoiling

    • want all of their shows to tie into the whole Phoenix story line in some way

      You know what this is, right?
      The X-Files all over again.

      There are X-Files all about the aliens and stuff, and then 'filler'. Doe is setup the EXACT same way. Fills the void that the classic X-Files left.
      • The X-Files all over again.

        Funny you should say that. After watching the finale I wrote to a friend (who I often complain about John Doe to), "Ok, this show seriously suffers from X-Files syndrome". I was never a followed of X-Files for exactly this reason. She would say "Oh my god it's so good the backstory is amazing!" I would try to watch and hit a sucky show, then be told "Oh, well, that one was filler."

        Why do that, though? I mean it's not like '24' has filler shows, and it still does pretty well.

    • I really don't mind non-backstory episodes. Honestly, most of my favorite X Files episodes were not really related to the backstory (cockroach, Charles Nelson Reilly, et al.). Often, I found the story-story-standalone-store rhythm of the three sweeps months tiresome, as you knew nothing would happen in the first 2.5 story episodes, and then just a cliffhanger at the end of sweeps to get you for the next sweeps. And the backstory itself seemed to be massaged just to maintain interest rather than being its
  • The last scene was a bit of a shocker, but I haven't been watching the show religiously, so I can't say if I would have picked up on some of the "revelations" or not. I generally have avoided Fox, particularly Fox Fridays, since the cancellation of Firefly. It was just pure happenstance that made me tune in for most of Doe that night.

    Put it this way, the last full episode I saw was the one before Doe gets Technicolor and battles wits with "Jack".

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