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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Bears Trade First Round Pick 5

Ahh... the draft is only a day away, and things are abuzz. Carson Palmer is already a Bengal.
Now the Bears trade their first round pick to the Jets. The jets get pick #4, the Bears get two lower first round picks. Good deal if you ask me. The bears didn't need that high of a pick, and now they can address two spots up front (they can still get a nice QB, like Ragone/Grossman, and now another position like a good DB).
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Bears Trade First Round Pick

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  • If any of the following QBs are available, then the Bears should draft one:

    1. Banks
    2. Boller
    3. Kingsbury
    4. Leftwich

    Otherwise, I hope they don't waste a pick on a second-rate (and that is a COLLEGE 2nd rate QB) and focus on improving the abysmal Defense.

    Just my 2cents.

    Oh and good luck to Palmer. Sucks to be him on the Bengals (at least he's making $40+ mill). But hey, in 6 years he can leave and join a team with a shot at winning more than 3 games a season.
  • I thought the Bears might go for some defensive talent with that high pick.

    Of course I just want the Browns to draft an offensive lineman. But if Boss Bailey falls to 21 (not bloody likely) that'd be good too!
    • weakest draft ever this year.

      I think the bears are doing the right thing.

      Why settle for 1 pick when you can get two high picks and shore up both the D and the QB position?

      I predict a D-lineman first then the QB. I'm guessing the big dude from Marshall. I can't for the life of me remember his name.
      • Leftwich? I don't think he'll be available by the time the bears will have a pick. But there are some other QB's that stand out (I've already said Ragone would be who I'd pick).
        • yeah, leftwich. He might still be around.

          If not, well, I am sure there will be someone competent to back up *gulp* slash.

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