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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Under Contract! 12

I can't explain the feeling it is to hop onto the area's MLS site to find the house I picked "Under Contract! Backup offers may be considered." I'd put a link up for the house, but my wife would kick my arse. It has the price of the house and the address, so it gives up too much personal info. If you are really interested (and I know who you are), I'd be happy to email you the link.

Oh, I plan on putting up all the stats and pics and stuff onto my website, so everyone will be able to see, in a few days.
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Under Contract!

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  • your web site isn't up right now... or is this our way of saying that Marotti.com will be returning soon?
    • What's up with marotti.com? Enquiring minds wanna know!

      !a -- -- -- -- -- !a! -- -- -- -- -- !a! -- -- -- -- -- !a! -- -- -- -- -- a!
      !a -- -- -- -- -- !a! -- -- -- -- -- !a! -- -- -- -- -- !a! -- -- -- -- -- a!

      HHHHHH. ..II.....!!

      !a -- -- -- -- -- !a! -- -- -- -- -- !a! -- -- -- -- -- !a! -- -- -- -- -- a!
      !a -- -- -- -- -- !a! -- -- -- -- -- !a! -- -- -- -- -- !a! -- -- -- -- -- a!

      Lameness filter encounter

  • I don't want to be accused of stalking you (unless I am...?!) so post the stats SOON.

    On a completely un-related note, the event bit is not getting cleared like I hoped. WTF?! Kernel debugger to the rescue.
  • I am slated to move in on the 30th of may.

    I can't wait. Of course, there are days at a time I completely forget I am about to own a home, so it's weird.

    BTW, thanks for the props in the poll.

    Same to Mr RLeigh as well, in case they read this poll too.

    When ya moving in?
  • " It has the price of the house and the address, so it gives up too much personal info."

    Oh come now, none of us are killers, really! I swear! She just fell on the bullet!

  • Cograts (Score:3, Insightful)

    by baldass_newbie ( 136609 ) on Thursday April 24, 2003 @09:15PM (#5805237) Homepage Journal
    Closing on this place 4/29.
    Closing on the new joint 4/30.
    Drinking heavily the evening of 4/30.
    Cable modem 5/1.
    Drinking heavily over first mortgage payment 5/15.
    And if you've never bought a home before (don't know) then you'll really appreciate your signature.
    My hand was killing after buying one place. I'm not sure what two closings going to do.
    • Jay, lemme tell you, the hand is gonna kill you. When we closed on our house in Cali, my wife was already in CO. I had to sign my name on every copy, then go back and sign for my wife and not just her name, but something like "bla bla bla attorney in fact legal mumbo jumbo" something.

      Congrats to you, though!

      • I bought a house last year and my hand was fine. My secret? My signature has devolved over the years into two series of squiggles each headed by a highly stylized first letter. Oh, and the cross on the 't' in the family name is all over the place. Seriously, if you saw it you'd think I was illiterate and "making my mark."


  • Have they done the inspection yet?

    Keep us posted!

  • by glh ( 14273 )
    I wanna see, I wanna see!

    Shoot me the link, eh? You know the address...

    And, I think you should post a JE on the future of Marotti.com!
  • Owning is great, even if it can be a lot of work. We recently closed on a fixer-upper ourselves. Its a tight market out here. I just got the floors stripped (they glued carpet pad to the wood floors) and refinished and cleaned up enough to move in. The place still smells a bit of poly. I never even bothered trying to get a quote from a contractor.

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