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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Eve Initial Review 5

Unfortunately, I signed an NDA, so I really can't say anything more than what the previews all say.
But if you really wanna check out the game, if you pre-order the game from EB, they'll put you in the beta, so you'll get an idea of how to play before it goes live (yes, once it goes live, they delete all beta accounts).

Anyway, on with the review:
I haven't played much, just a couple hours last night. So, initially, the 'wizbangs' and graphics are what catch your eyes. They are superb. Especially on character creation (very dynamic, and can make very unique chars).
The game itself is very complex, but has pretty intuitive controls (if you've ever played a 3D RTS in space). I haven't played enough to talk about the 'fun' of the game, because I'm still trying to work out the complexities of the game, but the best thing I can say is, its like playing star trek. In space, tons of 'aliens' (other players), communication, adventure...
Star Wars Galaxies will REALLY need to have something special to outdo Eve.
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Eve Initial Review

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  • Star Wars: Galaxies will only have to be in the general ballpark of Eve in order to be a smashing success. It's got a bit of built in advertising. Galactic Battlegrounds was merely a skin for AOE, and it did pretty darned well.
    • But, I'm assuming that since they are both going to be subscription based, the actual gameplay will tremendously affect how long people subscribe, and therefore the longterm success.

      You are right though, brand recognition helps a lot of people part with their money faster.
  • I've tooled around on the website, and the story I've picked up looks pretty cool.

    My big question is this: *Is* Eve the Massive Multiplayer Privateer game that I've been waiting for for 10 years?

    It looks like it just might be that, and more, but does it have a storyline and plot? Or is it just trade, fight, build a space-station-if-ya-wanna, etc.?

    What's the interface like? Is the gameplay Privateer / Freelancer style first-person space sim? Or is it more of a point-n-click Homeworld style gameplay?

    • Very homeworld style interface, but it is a bit more robust.
      Definately has a heavy duty storyline, especially the races and stuff. Character creation isn't "put +X points into attributes", its building your history. Do you go to school, or enlist in the navy, did you specialize in command, recon, or weaponry, did you do secret recon, radar recon, etc etc etc..., which adds so much to the RP aspect.

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